What to do on a camping trip with 3 girls and a boy?

Okay so I'm going on a camping trip with my three friends, and we are all 14...what to do? I got scary stories, sports games, no scavenger hunts, cards, music, talking, so anything else? I am missing stuff! There's no water so no swimming so that's pretty much it...lol please help!?

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    Well, you could always look for stuff to do that is around the area where you are camping. Anything that might be in a 5-10 min. walk from where you are.

    It also depends on where you are camping. State parks have a lot of interesting trails and exhibits that you could visit. If it is a local campsite, you can always ask the owner of the campsite what there is in the area.

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    We always went fishing with our friends.

    No water, let's see

    dancing, dance contests

    make up a dance

    are you in band, have a music festival

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    hope you were not looking for a nasty thing to do, sorry, not from me, fish,hike , cook in the woods, forget boys and girls, just think real close friends and have a great time..!

  • Dave
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    1 decade ago

    i've always gotten by with a deck of cards and knowledge of the game 'setback'

    look it up, it's really fun

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