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I'm thinking about adopting a shelter-dog, would it be a good idea?

-read plz-

Earlier today my dad had lost a special dog that he took care of allot, and I think it would be a good idea to get a dog, he lives in a trailer park, so the 'some sort of protection' helps, and the late-dog was a small mixed breed.

So would it be a good idea?


I talked to my dad, and he dose want another dog, so thanks everyone! :)

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    after u make sure he wants a dog, u should go to the shelter, otherwise, dont

  • oh yeah deftinalty. Shelter dog are awesome :D just make sure your dad is ready to get another dog. to some people losing a dog is like a losing a friend or a family memeber and aren't ready to accept another dog in their life so soon :D but if he does deftiantly go to the shelter! Their pretty full these days and they all want a good home :D and make sure your dad goes with you and let him pick out the one for himself :D and as protection till then, he can always leave a light on in the house espcally when he's bed or gone to make people think someones home or awake.

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  • Yes - that is awesome. I would make sure your dad wants another dog, and then the 2 of you could go pick one out. I got my last 2 dogs - a Bluetick and a Redbone Coonhound from the shelter and I couldn't be happier. You would be saving a life as well as getting a good pet.

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    I think that is an awesome idea. Saving a life is the way to go. There are so many dogs in shelters that need loving homes. So yes go with adoption. You could try looking at for the right new best friend for your dad.

    Best of luck.

    And go you for considering adoption.

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    You should discuss your idea with your dad. He may or may not be ready for a new dog. He should also be the one to pick the dog. Surprise gifts with a new dog are not a good Idea. Nice that you want to help.

    Best of luck,


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    You should get a shelter dog your helping save a life.

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    Sorry to hear about your dad's dog. Yeah, i think it's a good idea to get him a companion. You can google dog breeds to find which one is perfect for him. good luck anna

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    I'd ask your dad if he wants one first, and if he does, don't you think he might like to pick it out himself?

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    if yor father wants another dog, I think you should.

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