how can i become a USA citizen?

My parents send me to the US when i was 8 years that same age i got a Visa pasport. they wanted to prepare me to come back in ten years, and study in one of the best universities of mexico. i am about to become a high school senior. and i dont want to go back "to were i came from".. what can i do ..?

i love my girl friend, i only speack inglish, and i most certainly care about school...

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    If you have a valid visa right now and you aren't here illegally then you must apply for Permanent Resident status. It's not cheap, it costs around $400 or so to do. Once you get your green card, you have to wait five years to apply for citizenship. Right now it costs almost $700 to apply and you have to take a test and get interviewed. If you marry a US citizen you can apply in three years and if you join the military you can apply after one year of honorable service or immediately after you get deployed to a combat zone, whichever one comes first. The fees are waived for active military.

    If you are here illegally, then the only option you have is to go back to Mexico and applying for a visa there. After you get it, you start back at square one. Marrying a US citizen won't make you legal if you are here illegally.

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    IF you came in with a visa and you marry a USC you can adjust status here, you will become a legal permanent resident and after 3 years if you are still married to them you can apply for citizenship

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    Go to and click on how do i become a citizen.

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    The best and fastest way is to marry an american citizen or apply a permanent residence/green card. but the fatest way would be to marry a US Citizen.

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    hang around with in the next 3 years the Dem's will sadly give you and 10 million others amnesty

  • marry a US citizen! its the easiest way!

    you are young, its probably going to be hard to become a citizen.The situation looks grim. Sorry

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    just walk into the country, thats it citizen or not ,this country's government will just hand you anything

  • You can't. Sorry

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    marry an american.

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