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what does "chow *bitchass" mean?

Someone I know wrote "chow *bitchass! <3 <3"" at the end of her bday wish for me on my facebook. Is that to insult me or something?

I know chow mean "bye", and bitchass is a deragotory term to describe guys.

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    Well, it seems you figured it out all by yourself "Paulo"...except it`s CIAO-not you have brilliantly concluded...If if she wrote it on your wall only, then it`s not an insult-but if on page where your other friends can see it?..then it could be "derogatory"..

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    You TOFF! CHOW might mean Bye in some languages but is not spealt in this way. Chow in this case, if you pronounce it in a african american accent or 'ghetto' accent, means YOUR. So essentially they are saying, YOUR ***** ***!! LOL. It is rude but among friends it can be mockingly friendly. so take it as a joke YOU ***** ***!! <3 is a picture of (meant to represent) a womans **** bent over, Doggy style.

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