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I need to loose weight; please help?

Ok so I need help! I want to loose 3 pounds a week for the next 2 months and I am really having trouble doing it. Basiclly I cant just do it on my own I next specific's like everything planned out so I can follow it.

I need a diet of basiclly what to eat for each meal! Enstead of eating 3 meals a day I want more smaller ones b/c I hear thats best. Also I can't have any dairy b/c Im allergic.

anddd second I joined the YMCA last week and soo I need how many hours a day to work out and how many days a week. I dont want muscle I just want to be slim soo... loose weight and be toned. I need specifics for a workout routine... theres everything at the YMCA and I dont know where to start sooo it'd be soo helpful if you could tell me how much time doing what and if its like weight machines how many pounds to use on each and how many reps and all that... stuff so i dont gain muscle but loose fat.

Basiclly I need a very specific diet and a very specific workout plan.

BTW I am 16 years old... A girl... 5'1... and I am 140. :\


I have been excersizing. I cut back on food and excersized 5 days last week for a couple hours a day. I ended up gaining weight! From muscle thats why I want a strict plan b/c I dont know what I'm doing wrong!!! :\

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    Eat less, or eat low calorie foods, and just work out.... you might even be able to lose probably 7 pounds a week. and you could lose your weight faster.

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    Ok stop working out, if your using free weights or any type of machine you more than likely are working muscles which in turn are going to develop those said muscles making you gain weight. Cardio is what you need to be doing, running, swimming, hell just go walking. Anything low impact. As for a diet you dont really need a special diet, just lay off the junk food, eat more healthy foods and eat less. Talk to the people at your YMCA I am sure they would be able to help you get in an exercise program that will help you best.

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    We can't really give you a strict diet over the internet. Check the internet for certain diets. Try the grapefruit diet, it seems pretty strict and it worked for my mother. She lost 42 pounds in two or three months.

    It's good that you joined the YMCA. Just go in, and ask an instructor what you should do. Cardio is best for losing pounds. Run on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, do the bicycle, or the stair stepper.

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    dont stress ur self to much and work out as hard as u can everyday for at leat 2 hrs .. eat fruits thier sweet and very healthy .. ask ur dr. to before anything ..

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    excersice every day. pilates one day and the next an intensive exersice & keep it going. buy an excersice dvd they help alot!! trust me! :) good luck !

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    East less.... exercise more!!!!..... either that or get a cocaine habit.. it's pretty fking simple... now stop making excuses and start exercising!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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