What would cause a upper radiator hose to bulge?

I am working on a 1991 Honda Accord. I know nothing about this car. The upper radiator hose is bulging and when the car is warmed up it seems to be hard and hot like holding in pressure. I removed the aluminum housing at that point and didn't find a thermostat, Is that where the thermostat suppose to be or is it where the relief valve is? The car is NOT overheating but I am concerned about the hose and thermostat. Thanks

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    When a radiator hose is bulging, it is about to pop. Replace it. It bulges since it is old and the inner fiber and rubber have rotted. If the upper one is bad, usually the lower one is not far behind. You can check the local Autozone to see where the thermostat is located.

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    Hoses bulge when he're old and about to pop after holding 14 p.s.i all those years. I'd expect to find the thermostat in the housing you removed, but check a repair manual to make sure. There should be a thermostat in the engine. The radiator cap has a pressue relief built in.

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    The thermostat is located where the radiator hose meets the block of the engine. Sounds like the hose is just naturally worn from the heat.

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    on all cars the hoses and belt should be changed every four years. they can only expand so much before bursting. just like a rubber band. while you are at it change the heater hoses and the lower hose as well.

    if the hose is bulging more than the thickness of a nickel of the original size replace it asap.

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    Bulging Radiator Hose

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    quite a few issues could reason your vehicle to overheat, undesirable hose, undesirable thermostat, low coolant, undesirable radiator cap, undesirable water pump. the record is going on. is the hose cracked? the place precisely is it effervescent from, the hose itself or the place it connects. is there fluid below your vehicle? is there coolent contained in the resevoir? if i could desire to be certain i could desire to tell u whats incorrect. choose extra info

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    Improper amount of coolant would cause the rubber to be eaten away as well as excessive high temperatures could cause expansion and contraction over time.

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