I am extremely constipated and I do not know what to do?

I 30 weeks pregnant now and I am very constipated. I had to use an enema twice in the last 24 h to go to the bathroom which only worked a little. I drink over 70 oz of water daily and I eat tons of veggies but my stool is still like a rock. Can I use senna tabs while pregnant? What works for you?

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    Colace is safe. It's a stool softener and it helped very much.

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    I went thru the same exact thing. I couldnt go for 2 weeks. i begged the dr to get enduced, but they said there wasnt anything wrong. it's just the way that the baby is positioned blocking ur poop shute..lol. After you deliver and you can use the restroom, it will ALL come out... I was literally on the toilet getting cleaned up after the birth and my husband was in the room holding our son and i was yelling out "Hey.. guess what I'm doing!" I was so pumped...lol. You may just have to wait it out, i had to. I know it sux... hang in there.. you will have 2 reasons to be thankful on Delivery Day!!!

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    Eat a bag of microwave popcorn, some prunes and drink water with it - that really helps. Good luck :)

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    chocolate works wonders!! plus its good lol! Prunes, raisens, juice, coffee

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