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What is most attractive about a girl?

I'm a girl and i was just wondering what do guys like. What would be the perfect girl.

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    The answer is different things to different guys. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Some guys like long hair, others like short hair. Some guys like athletic girls while other guys like intelligent girls. Some like 'em tall, others like 'em petite. Like the other person alluded to, just be yourself you don't have to make yourself into anyone's perfect girl.

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    Being in good shape is a big deal for guys. Usually you can get a way with being a little over weight because all guys like different things. Basically most guys will take looks over personality anyday (not I), but I have seen tons of guys fall over for girls with nice bodies.

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    theres really no such thing as a perfect girl

    its all about individual taste

    some guys like miley cyrus.... i think she nasty

    some guys like paris hilton ... shes too thin n too stupid for me

    some guys like beyonce ... i think shes fat and ugly

    whats attractive about girls in general..??

    a nice smile

    clean hair

    sense of humor

    decent fashion sense

    long legs

    a chest that fits .. by that i mean.. you cant have a 40dd cup chest on a girl thats five foot tall with a 28 inch waist

    NON smoker ... there is nothing worse than kissing a smoker






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    i think you should be yourself and not try to act like someone else for a guy.

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