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In what way is humiliation good or bad? In what way is humiliation a learning experience?

How bad can humiliation effect the mind and is it best to avoid humiliation?


I'm just curious because I just got heartbroken not to long ago after being humiliated not to long ago and I blame myself for it.

Update 2:

Before it happened to me though, I was already in a bad enough psychological condition.

Update 3:

I was severely insulted.

Update 4:

It had nothing to do with being in a relationship.

Update 5:

I felt a great sense of guilt after it happened and still feel guilty. I feel like I deserve more harsh things to happen to me even after what happened and what I did....I'd rather not say what happened to me or what I did....

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    It is our response to humiliation that is a determining factor as to our character. It can have a great effect on the mind and no one should seek it out. However, if we are able to rise above it when it is unavoidable; we may look back on it and say it benefited us. We can learn from it by gaining insight into the level of humility we have or don't have. My opinion.

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    Perhaps you were humiliated because you gave your heart to the wrong person. Sometimes we can't choose who our heart wants at first. But if we learn emotional intelligence and create self talk that guides us then we will choose to have healthy companions. Some people have a mentor talking to them in their heads like a voice from the past that keeps them on track to happiness. They are the people that will be happy in their life path.

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    Are you confusing humiliation with humility?

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    No one should be humiliated.

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    do you mean humility which means softening the heart....that is fine..

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