What can I buy my Korean Student.?

In 11 days, I will be hosting a Korean International student for 12 days on behalf of my school. He will attend school with me and attend trips nearly everyday for their cultural exchange with my school.

My question to you is, What can I buy him for lunch to take on school trips etc. Things that he will like. Because I was thinking like noddles etc but then I need hot water to cook them etc. So I would really appreciate it if someone could suggest some easy and relatively cheap snacks we can take.

Thanks alot in advance.

(By the way, The reason I put this question in New Zealand section is because I live in NZ and maybe someone will know some things in NZ I can buy).

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    I live in the States, but hope my answer is helpful: My best friend is Korean-American and her father often hosts people from Korea for extended periods of time. He recently had a college-aged student staying with him. While he did get traditional Korean food, he loved the american stuff as well. In his room they found all kinds of cakes and things - all American.

    I don't think you have to go out and buy "Korean" snacks, b/c being in NZ you probably won't find any. If possible have things that are geared towards him at home, but snacks can be whatever. Typically though, their sweets aren't nearly as sweet as what we eat here in the states.

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    See Iala(:

    Go for something Kiwi but at the spicer end of the scale

    I have Korean friends (senior staff of Korean Fishing Co's based in my port town) what I enjoyed was bullgogi, Kimchi (hope I spelt that right) and various raw fish dishes. I am a Kiwi and love to try different things

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    The Korean student didn't come to New Zealand to eat Korean food...gosh. That's why people go on foreign exchange programmes, to experience a different culture.

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    I am korean..

    and I would buy anything that is not too cheesy or too greasy

    dont get like spaghetti.

    I think they would like something originally/naturally from New Zealand.

    we like spicy food or refreshing.

    so I would recommend something originally from new zealand, spicy food, or refreshing. they might want to get away from the korean culture for a bit too.

    haha good luck..

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    1 decade ago

    How about giving him New Zealand style lunch? He came here to see what our culture is like right?

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    Well since he is there to learn more about New Zealand's culture introduce him to snacks that you would typically eat.

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