How do you transfer hard drive info when computer doesn't work?

My old PC shut down and it won't even power up. I recently received a new macbook pro for college. I'm completely happy with it, but I have numerous pictures that i did not have a chance to save from my old computer. Is there anyway to take the info off the old hard drive of the computer that won't power on? Or would I have to take it to a computer specialist? If so how much would that be?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    got a buddy with a PC that works? take the drive out & take it to them. have them copy the data off & burn to DVD or Thumb drive. if it was password protected, you may need to reassign the file permissions to the friends PC logon. Microsoft gives an explanation on how. & you do not need the old password.

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    Hi There,

    You can purchase a hard drive enclosure and install your old hard drive inside.

    They come with their own power supply and get one with a USB inout/output that you can plug into your new computer.

    There is a link below for some enclosures or you can buy one at Office Max or any electronics store.

    Then you can also use the external drive for backup.

    Hope this helps,


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