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Rate my FFB team please?

Qb. Carson Palmer

Rb. Chris Johnson

Rb. Brian Westbrook

Wr. Reggie Wayne

Wr. Wes Welker

Wr. Ted Ginn. Jr,

Te. Greg Olsen

K. (New Orleans Kicker)

D. Miami D

Bench: Knowshon Moreno, Bobby Engram, Chad Pennington, Sammy Morris, Tim Hightower

I was thinking about trading knowshon moreno and ted ginn jr for a good WR... do u think that is a good idea and if so what play should i trade him for..

( im in a 12 team ppr league)

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    Ginn shouldnt be starting. You should trade Ginn and Moreno for a WR unless its a keeper league.Olsen should do good with cutler this year.

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    now that I have seen your roster, you can't afford to trade Moreno - you need him for at least 2 bye weeks, plus the 2-3 other games Westbrook will miss.,

    There must be better bench players available than Pennington, Morris, and Engram (is he even on a team?)

    take a flyer on some rookies(Nicks, Harvin, Maclin); what QB's are on the waiver wire? Edwards, Cassell, Hassleback, Orton? All are better choices.

    Your first 4 picks went well - I don't know how Wayne got all the way back to you (I am guessing you picked somewhere from #10-12)... then it slipped away from you.

    Palmer and Knowshon must have been your #5-6 picks - Palmer is a stretch there - I'd rather have had McNabb, Romo, or even Schaub - who were all likely still available. If you took Olsen at #7, then you panicked because of a run on TE's - I'd have waited and grabbed Daniels in RD8, or waited much longer and grabbed Pettigrew or Celek.

    There also must be better defenses out there than Miami.

    Hold onto Moreno until his stock rises, it doesn't make sense to trade now.

    I give you a C+

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    carsons back at 100% so thats good, chris johnson will not be as much of a factor as last year, brian westbrook is always solid unless hes hurt, reggie wayne and wes welker will do good just for the fact of who their qb's are, ted ginns iffy, greg olsen will be a beast with cutler on the team, your kicker(gostowski) is accurate and miamis D wll produce many sacks and turnovers like last year.bench is pretty crappy. i'd trade knowshon and ted ginn for a WR like snatana moss ro someone of that same caliber.

    overall i give your team a 7/10

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    You shouldnt be worried about your WR but your QB. Carson Palmer is a huge risk this year and I would get an above average backup like Cutler or Cassel. I honestly think your WR and RB are very good. You K and DEF are also pretty weak. Miami wont do that well. I give u a B

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