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Please give me some advice on math for next year?

I have planned to take math 1010/1050 next school year. I am afraid that I will not do very well in the class for two reasons; 1) I had to repeat algebra 1 after making some stupid mistakes (not doing my work or trying) because I got a D, but later did fine in my other attempt at algebra 1 with a 4.0 in it and in Geometry I held almost straight As with only one A- and 2) I took the test the same time as my friends who are almost in the same position and I was the only one that passed. I had to take the CPT test and got an 84 on the elementary algebra when only a 54 was required. Can anyone give me advice on as to whether or not I should stay with my plans? Oh, I forgot to mention that my math class is the easiest class I have and my GPA is a 3.5. I have experience with AP social studies classes (AP Human Geography and AP European history) with a decent GPA in them.


math 1010 is Algebra 2 taught in half the time it normally takes and math 1050 is college algebra. In both, if I get a C or better, I get credit for high school and college.

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    First, you must be good with formulae and calculations. Try to avoid careless mistakes. Practice as many different problems as possible. they need not be from your text book. Solve problems yourself which look difficult or with new approach. Finally have full confidence in yourself.

    You will become a champion in Maths.

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    The humorous difficulty is, i discover that some instructors i presumed have been staggering my acquaintances hated. some instructors my acquaintances enjoyed i presumed have been undesirable. i would not have confidence what absolutely everyone says for your self. you are able to finally end up doing properly with this instructor. See the way it is going first. If the instructor isn't a stable greater healthful for you attempt talking to your mum and dad...they may be waiting to call the college and clarify you're able to do greater acceptable with a different instructor. stable success.

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    what is math 1010/1050 .. calculus, pre calc, alg 2, or alg2tring ??

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