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How would you spell and say my name in Russian?

My name is Raini. In english it is pronounced as 'ray nee'.

I'm trying to learn Russian on my own. And it is harder than I thought. But I would like to at least know how to spell and say my name in Russian. I don't even know if names are pronounced the same or what. lol. Please help.


Spot On Old Chap:

I've been learning the Cryllic alphabet, and from what I understand the 'P' that would start my name off has a rolling 'r', correct? I'm really trying to buckled down and learn this, so anything that you think would help, please email me with or something. :)

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    Basically pronounced the same way.

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    Since there is no Russian equivalent to your name, you have to pronounce it same as you do in English-REYNEE..or if your name means RAINY, then you say it- DAZHDEVNA

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