Would you co-sign for a car/ get a joint bank account together if you weren't married to a guy?

Also, what if he wanted to get a joint bank account together, and you had a lot more money than him.

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    Source(s): Stupid beyond words to screw up your financial stability like that.
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    to answer this question I will tell you my little story, I lived with the mother of my two boys, we were together for 20 years, why we were never married is a question you need to ask her. well after 20 years, two homes and 3 autos we were co owners to she and I parted way, sounds like a easy task. the money was easy, 50/50, no need to fight over money... houses not so easy and auto too, bottom line, keep it totally separate till the words I DO are spoken for there isn't a court in the state that wanted to hear our problem, we were stuck to dealing with it our self, end of the story, her got a house and so did I, shared custody with the boys and we get along as friends, I think we are lucky but will always tell everyone it would have been easier to get a divorce and cheaper.

  • NO! That was the situation with my ex-fiance. He was terrible with money and I thought a joint bank account where we both contributed a little would teach him some restraint for spending. He snuck money out of it for months before I found out, for cigarettes, gas, etc. when he got low on cash. And he made way more money than me!!!

    Don't get yourself into any financial commitments. You could be sorry (not to mention making payments for a guy you hate). Does he have parents, siblings? Get them to co-sign.

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    Probably not, but I did it but let me tell you how I did it. So I could have access to his money but he could not have access to mine. I made sure his paycheck was direct deposited into this account and I opened up a separate account in the same bank and changed my direct deposit to that account. That way he thought we shared assets without the benefit of having access to my assets while I had access to his. Now co-signing is another story. I didn't co-sign I got the loan from the credit union in my name to purchase his vehicle and then got him to sign a promissory note. The registration, tags and loan were in my name. I put him on the insurance as a driver. Nothing wrong with it but there is more then one way to skin a cat, just make sure you are the cat being skinned.

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  • LAgirl
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    1 decade ago

    NOOOOOOO! don't do it! If he doesn't have good enough credit to get his own car, you are putting your credit at risk. Also, if you get a joint account, married or not, he can clean out your bank account anytime he wants to without your consent or signature. A joint account doesn't mean both, it means either one named has the rights to the money.

    Did he ask for you to co-sign, or is it his idea for a joint bank account? If yes to one or both, RED FLAG.

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    ABSOLUTELY NOT. I was once in this position myself, and got screwed. NEVER EVER commit to something to extreme (such as banking, vehicles, or homes) without being married. I am sorry to say, but many people take advantage of others today. Do not, for any reason do your banking with this person unless you are married and he signed a prenup! I was even ENGAGED and the guy still screwed me over. Luckily, my husband and I came to an agreement prior to our marriage!

    Source(s): Happily Married Personal Experiences from the past
  • No Way!!!!!

    I have already been burned on that one once before.

    If a man can not honor me with his family name.....I will not invest or honor him with my credit or bank account. Each person in a relationship, should be willing and able to "invest" of themselves to grow together in that relationship.

    Even if you got married.....open a separate joint account.....but maintain your individual account.....and each of you "invest" the same amount of money......but this is only if you are unsure of your future with this man, married or not. But NEVER co-sign anything with him. To me.....a man's job, in the eye's of God, is: Priest, Prophet, Protector, and Provider of his home and wife......

    But......alas......I am old-fashioned.

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    No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    Did I say NO?....In case I didn't then, No. No. No. No. No. No.No.

    You WILL be left holding the bills after he withdraws all the money from the account.

    If you have never taken advice on anything in your life...take this. If you don't, you will be back on this board saying he left you after cleaning out the bank account and now the finance company is after you to pay for the car as he cannot be located. THINK.

    Source(s): I am attorney and I know this....
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    No cosign and no joint accounts at all. Sorry, you are just asking to be taken.

    My cousin and her bf are joint owners of a house, but that is all the co-mingling of their finances that occurs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would say no. When you get married that's when finances get merged, and not before hand. Too many greedy people in this world today, you can't really trust anyone in this department until marriage, and even then for some it's bad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most certainly not! I would never ever trust ANYONE with my money or anything like it! You'll probably wind into a whole bunch of sh*t! Don't ever do anything like it for your own sake, unless it's trouble and debt you're looking for...

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