Is it weird or awkward for a guy to hang out with one friend at a time? that is how I have usually done it?

I have friends, but all of my friends don't know eachother, like I have friends from different parts of the County, I live in Orange County, Southern California, I live in Santa Ana, I have like 1 friend in Santa Ana,1 in Yorba Linda, 3 others in San Clemente, which is pretty far from where I live, I don't really hang out with the friends of mine that that live in San Clemente, South Orange County because it is too long of a drive for me. Basically throughout most of my life, whenever I have hung out with friends, it was always just one on one, like it would be me and just one other friend, it would not be 3 or more people.


I feel it is awkward because most people I see hang out with large groups of friends, like 5 or 6 people, or more, but unfortuneately, I'm not that social like them.

Update 2:

I'm not very social and outgoing, probably the main reasons why is because I go to community college, and most of the people there just hang out with their friends they knew in high school, and since I went to 3 high schools, I transferred around a lot, I had to start over making new friends a lot, and plus me and my friends that I had in high school, did not have cars yet, we both did not have our driver's license.

Plus I've only had 1 job in my whole life time, I did not get my first job until I was 19, and I am 21, I do not stay in contact with any of my former co-workers, I never hung out with them, I never developed friendships at my first and only job, I have tried getting a new job, but everywhere I apply, they never give me an interview, they never call me back.

I have 1 friend in the city Orange, but I can't hang out with him now because he is kinda in another state right now, the one from Santa Ana, I consider him a friend but I don't hang out with him.

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    no its not weird. it would be awkward if you dont know the person well. but hey the whole point of hanging out is to get to lknow the person better. but if you are good friends theres nothing wrong with just hanging one on one. i like it better sometimes when i hang out with just one friend and we go to the mall or something because we can talk about stuff and all, and sometimes its nice just hanging with one than with a whole group of people.

    it just depends on what you are doing. i like to do both sometimes all 4 of my friends inclduing me would all hang out together and sometimes the more the merrier. if you are doing something like bowling it would be more fun to have a group of people.

    you could try to maybe introduce your friends to each other. i hang out with some of my friends friends that i dont really know sometimes. they will be going out somewhere and she brought me with. we had a lot of fun. its not weird though. i dont know why it would be.

    not everyone, including myself likes hanging out with big groups of people. i like it sometimes, but i like it better when i just hang out with one friend. some only like hanging with just one or two friends. theres absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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    Not that unusual, you might be a little afraid that if you allowed them to meet, they might end up hanging out together, or start talking about you lol. I introduced my brother to someone I was dating once, and he stole him. I didn't even know either of them were bi 0_o.

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    noo its fine. not awkward at all.

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