what happens at the end of the movie gigot?

i dont mind if you spoil it for me...... thts kinda what i WANT u to do..........plz plz plz tell me!!!! in detail plz this is an EASY best answer p.s if this helps the movie was made in either 1963 or 1964 and it has jackie gleason as the lead playing gigot................ thank u thsnk u thank u!!!!!!

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    been a long time, but...

    I can't remember why, but for some reason everybody thinks he's dead. The whole village realizes how sweet and kind he was. So they give him a grand big funeral and everybody shows up and is desperately tearful. Of course, he shows up and starts crying along with everyone. They all start chasing him when they find out he wasn't really dead. Can't remember if the orphan and the prostitute wind up staying with him or not. but I remember it had a happy ending so I presume they wound up okay.

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