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Easy Lunch Recipes For When School Starts!?

I need easy and super yummy recipes for when school starts! Any HELP!

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    maybe a sandwich wrap with your favorite meat and tomatoes and lettuce and you can pack a lil dressing

    peanut and jelly sandwiches

    or a chicken salad

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    my son was very picky when he was a kid so I would buy those lunch boxes,( snackables) I forgot what they are called but they are in the fridge area of the grocery store, they have a cheese pizza, a dessert and sometimes a drink...also cheese pizza rolls jelly sandwich grilled cheese flour tortilla with beans and potatoes or beans and cheese vegetables with dip sliced apples and grapes fruit cups pudding cups cheese dip cups pretzels pita pockets pimento cheese sandwich( some kids don't like that) that is all I can think of that is vegetarian... make some brownies little debbie's like oatmeal creme pies the desserts I suggested you can add with a sandwich of some sort. remember that a vegetarian needs protein and peanut butter is protein for a school to have a not nut rule is ridiculous..I understand some kids are allergic to nuts but maybe your kid isn't.....

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    baked potatoes - vary the toppings. broccolli / cheese, chili / cheese, spinach / mushrooms,

    chicken ceasar salads - buy the cooked chicken , bagged lettuce ceasar salad kits.

    omelletes - vary the combinations - vegie, bacon/cheese

    BLT - ready cooked microwave bacon (done in 30 secs) , lettuce, tomato , mayo and toast

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    Bring two pop-tarts with peanut-butter and jelly sandwiched in the middle. I love pop-tart peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. They keep you so energized throughout the day. I was voted most hyper! i think its cuz i had a pop-tart peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday hahahah! I love pop-tarts!!!!!!!

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