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If this was stealing, what should I have done about it?

I walked out of walmart with a key chain in my hand. I was in the auto department, grabbed one to pay for while waiting for the new tires to get put on. During checkout I didn't even think that it was in my hand, and walked straight out. I then noticed this and almost went back in there to pay for it, but I left instead.

was this that bad?

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    Well, you ain't no A.Lincoln, who was said to walk 10 miles in the snow to return 2 cents to a store customer, or was it 10 cents for 2 miles? Whatever! You know that if the item was over lets say $5.00 you certainly would have walked back into the store and paid for it - this item was less than that and you (along w/a few others) then considered it a bonus to your tire purchase. You're not a criminal type, and you're not boasting about, just expressing a normal concern for your mortal soul. Lets' put it like this, I would keep my eye on you, if I let you into my house. (This is tongue in cheek)

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    Yes, it was stealing. You made a conscious choice not to go back in the store and pay for the item. You can still make it right by taking it back and paying for it ,or just take it back and leave it where you found it in the store.

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    It wasnt't necessarily bad, but when you go in there again, go get the key chain and let the cashier ring it up and you pay for it. Tell her what you did and they will be greatful and you will feel better.

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    No, it was criminal. Never go back, they'll be waiting for you.

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