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What are you wearign for the first day of school?!?

give me pixs, and details people!:D

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    i made the cheer team this year. the team has two grades on it. the older grade dresses up the younger one however they want on the first day of school. so who knows what the crap their gonna make me wear?!

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    Skinny jeans if cold, if hot, then a skirt. Not too short - considering its school. :(

    If cold, a a striped pink and grey with a white cami under. If hot, then a nice flowey gold and black shirt.

    Black Ballet Flats.

    Juicy earrings, with a Roxy California necklace.

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    well i can't give any pics, but it's a really cute outfit. well it is a light blue tank-top on top of a leopard print tank-top. the leopard tank-top is black and white. on the blue tank-top there are a few small jewels that are blue green black and yellow. for the bottom it's a skirt that's black and white leopard with blue lace at the bottom. for the shoes they are sneakers that are mainly black with a little bit on the side blue. i'm going to wear that on my trip to iowa also. hope that helped. by the way i got that at justice, used to be called limited too.

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    Im wearing a totally cute blue tank that has a braided top ) and a brown sweater thing over it with jeans and gladiator sandals!

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    Don't know. Don't really care. Probably jeans, a shirt and shoes. Maybe some earrings and a bracelet. Possibly a necklace.

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    Something that shows off my personality

    -Wear favorite color

    -Something you would wear on a casual diner, day out with friends, etc.

    -Don't be scared of what you put on

    What I would wear: Jean shorts, peace sign shirt and flip-flops

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    what i normally wear jeans, a t-shirt and converses. i don't want anyone to expect me to wear something over the top everyday since that was the impression the first day of school outfit (that was runway ready) was.

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    i dont even know..

    Probably t shirt and pants, or t shirt and sweat pants

    idk i dont wanna be lookin all preppy or nice and all that **** in some shorts and some preppy shirt, i wanna be different. So some jeans and a t and my navy converse is probably what its gonna be

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    idk yet. probably something simple and comfortable. like jean shorts and a cute shirt from delias or forever21 with converse or nikes. for my hair ill leave it down, maybe use my curling iron and make some small curls on the bottom. for makeup, just wearing my usual, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, lip gloss, and eye shadow. :P

    Source(s): going to high school pretty soon D:
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    What ever I feel like wearing when i wake up. I really don't plan out my outfit before hand.

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