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Jean Grey and Marvel Girl Question?

What comic did Jean meet her daughter Rachel.

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    Jean met Rachel for the first time in X-Factor Annual 5 which was a part of the Days of Future Present storyline.

    EDIT: Apparently people are confused on this one based on the thumbs downs I received so I'll add some more details. Jean Grey killed herself in Uncanny X-Men 137 so she wasn't around during the Days of Future Past storyline and couldn't have possibly met Rachel when she came to the present. Jean Grey would remain "dead" until 1985 (five years after her death) when the Avengers and Fantastic Four found the real Jean Grey in a cocoon in the bottom of Jamaica Bay. Jean Grey went on to form X-Factor with her four original X-Men teammates while Rachel was lured into the Mojoverse and then joined Excalibur when she thought that the rest of the X-Men had been killed. Neither X-Factor or Excalibur interacted with each other or the X-Men during their first few years of publication (the closest moment was when Wolverine smelled Jean's scent in the Morlock tunnels during the Mutant Massacre but he kept it a secret from the other X-Men). Jean wasn't reunited with the X-Men until the Inferno storyline in 1989, and she didn't meet Rachel until the Days of Future Present storyline in 1990 (which was a sequel to the Days of Future Past story).

    Source(s): You can see a checklist of both of their key moments in these two links which lists their first meeting during the DOFPresent story (I've read all these issues within the last couple of years as well so I'm not just basing my answer off a third party website that could be right or wrong).
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    That would have been Uncanny X-Men, issue # 141, I believe.

    Days Of Future Past storyline.

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