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On which finger should I wear this?

My best friend gave me a friendship ring on which finger of which hand should I wear it on? I know this is a rather simple question but I never know the answer to the significance of a ring placement so please help me. Thank you in advance!

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    it doesn't really matter, whatever finger fits. i used to wear my friendship ring on my index finger all the time though haha.. never the ring finger because people would ask me dumb questions like "are you married?" & i'd be like uhhh no im not married to my best friend -___- lol

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    Any finger is fine. I wear my rings on my right hand on the finger that is closest to my pinky or if the rings is a bit large I wear it on my middle finger.

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    Any finger it fits on. EXCEPT for the left ring finger which is reserved for engagement/wedding rings and purity rings.

    Source(s): I worked in jewelry for YEARS.
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    Not on the ring finger...

    Middle finger?

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    i really don't know i put my rings on my middle finger it just looks pretty!! i hope you do the same.

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    probably the middle finger or the pointer finger...whichever 1 it fits the best

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    well i rite wit my rite hand so i put rings on my left hand n usually on the pointer finger

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