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Should I try to date this girl?

I am 17 yr old guy, and there is this girl friend of mine. weve been friends for ab 9 months or so, and I really like her. Like, I miss her sooo much when I leave her from hanging out and want to ask her on a date but dont know when. Anyways one tiny problem is she drinks/parties alot and I rarely do(at least now), and I cant tell if she wouldnt like me bc of that. Also, she has only had 1 bf which she broke up with him almost a year ago and i dont think wants to be in a relationship with anyone, but I REALLY like her and wont give up. Also we are going to a concert on the 21 of Aug so i feel like i cant make many moves til then. Plus she just recently was at a party and made out with this guy while she was drunk. But advice?

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