What happened with this peestick?

I just took an equate hpt (the kind with the +I sign if pregnant and -I if not pregnant). I peed on the stick but not for the full 10 seconds that is says to (I tried but my hand was kinda shaking and missed the stream at first and only got the test in there for about 4 seconds).

The urine started to move across the results window and it had two horizontal lines, it looked like =. The top line disappeared after a minute and the bottom (the one that is supposed to be there) line is SUPER light.

The line in the control window is there but could it be invalid since it wasn't in the stream for a full 10 seconds and it originally had an extra line going the wrong way?

Do I trust this as a negative? I didn't test too early either. I had some spotting in place of my June period so I waited until July and now this period is MIA so it's been 2 months since my last real period.

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    take a new one dont even consider what that one says, no tests have an equal sign : ) redo! good luck

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    Try again, this time, pee in a cup, that way you know you have enough urine. Read the directions to see how long to dip the stick in the cup.

    Or go for a doctor's visit. They can tell you gfor sure. If you are 2 months pregnant, like you suspect, you need to be put on vitamins,a nd since you are 2 months pregnant, you should go in for your 1st ultrasound.

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    I've always been told that a line is a line. BUT it sounds like you may have had an error. I would test again! Good luck!

  • don't even worry about the test u have already taken. i would take another one. this time try peeing in a cup and dipping the stick it is much easier that way, that's how i have always done it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would try again, but this time pee in a cup and use that method as described in the instructions. That one can't be messed up. Good luck

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