Anyone know/have an Autistic child with Simian Crease?

My son is HFA and also has a simian crease on his hand, but he does not have Downs. I was just wondering if anyone else has both Autism and a Simian Crease?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Simian crease is a single crease on the palm of the hand, where most people will have three. However it is my understanding that this occurs in the "normal" population, about 1 in 30 people will have this single crease.

    The Simian crease can be associated with other conditions such Down Syndrome, FAS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Turners Syndrome along with other disorders.

    Not that I go looking at peoples palms to see if the have Simian crease, I have only met one person with it and the don't have any developmental or physical disorder.

    Source(s): Youth & Disability support worker
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