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army marriage benefits for non military spouse?

My boyfriend and I are talking about marriage but hes in the army. I know I get medical and dental insurance but what else am I entitled to? He has mentioned that the army would pay for my college as well as his. Is this true? What are all the benefits I would get as his spouse not living on base?


Its love. However,if we dont get anything special for being married when hes enlisted then we would wait cause it wouldnt matter either way.

Update 2:

Is there a military website I can goto to find this out? Ive googled and I cant find anything.

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    I hope you are not getting married for love and not benefits...

    If he meets requirements he can pass a portion of his GI Bill to you.

    Well he will be in barracks more than likely unless he is going reserve or guard. If you are married the military will pay your way.

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    Im a marines active duty wife and all we get is BAH which is basic housing allowance you get more living off base plus i'm his dependent so he gets paid for that and no you don't get paid more if you have kids and about college there is some help that you can receive keep in mind i said help they don't fully pay for it you can get information at the learning center on base but a portion of his GI Bill does not go to you unless he reenlist after 6 years i believe and you get a dependents ID which allows you use of some military facilities like the pool, gym the exchange an stuff like that but other than that that's it good luck

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    1: no he does not get paid any more for being married 2: without a court order he cannot be forced to enroll you into DEERS and get an ID card. there is nothing in military regs that says he HAS to claim dependents. 3: you will need a civilian court order requiring him to pay alimony or provide medical insurance before the military will get involved

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    No they will not pay for both of you to go to college.

    Dental insurance is not free.

    Being able to live with him and the medical insurance are basically the only benefits that YOU get. Well you would also get an ID card and be able to shop on base, use MWR facilities, etc.

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    i believe that he gets a pay boost for being married

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