Help copying MySpace comments?

Well, I wanna copy a MySpace comment and paste it to my profile.

I know you have to press 'Prnt Scrn' and then go to Paint. Well, what do you do then? Because, I tried 'pasting' and it didn't work so I need step-by-step help.

-Add me please,

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    -you prt scr

    -go to paint

    -click "edit" on the top

    - paste

    -click on the select tool ( it should be a dashed rectangle )

    -click the top left hand corner of the comment box and drag to the bottom right hand corner to crop

    -right click


    -resize the box to a small size (100 by 100, it has to be smaller than the image you cropped)

    (if you're doing this in windows xp, then go to image, attributes, change width and height, or you can just drag the small box on the corners of the canvas to make it smaller)

    -click on the select tool again

    -right click in the white box


    -then save!

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    I'm confused.... you want to copy a picture that's all right? Well forget the print screen crap. That's just a whole lotta cropping in paint. Right click the picture in the comment and on the drop down menu click on "save image as" and then you have the picture.

    If you really want to use paint just right click and click on "copy image" that saves you time cutting out the background.

  • Ok.

    -Go to the comment page.

    -Click the print screen button (should be at the top right of your keyboard called 'prnt scrn'

    - Open up paint.

    - Go to the top of paint & click edit,

    - then click paste.

    It SHOULD work.

    If not contact me here:

    Good luck!(:

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