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how do i connect my ps3 and home cinema system to my tv?

i have a ps3, tv, and home cinema system i want to watch bluray films via ps3 with my 5.1 surround sound speakers how do i connect them both to my tv ??????

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    From your PS3 connect an HDMI cable and connect it to your tv, if you don't have HDMI hook up on your tv then use component cable (3 colored cable) from PS3 to the TV. Then connect an optical or coax cable from the PS3 to your home cinema system (this is for the sound). Make sure you select the input (the PS3 optical or coax cable connected) on the home cinema when you want to hear the sound. You didn't mention if you have cable or a disc network provider, if you do see if there is an optical or coax cable output from the cable or disc network and connect an optical or caox cable to the home ciniema to hear the tv sound in surround sound when so provided. If not use an RCA jack out of the tv and connect it to the home cinema. Hope this helps, since you forgot to mention what type of home cinema you have and tv of cable provider.

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    Depends on the inputs and outputs of the tv, ps3, & the receiver you have. What do you have?

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