What does "my love is vengeance and that's never free" means?

The song "behind blue eyes" has a line that goes my love is vengeance that's never free" I understand every word and meaning of it, but what is the meaning behind this?

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    Vengeance always comes with a price. That price always involves pain of some kind. Love also is this way, it comes with the same price. With love there will always be pain for without love there can be no pain and vice versa.

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    Vengeance Meaning

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    I don't have the answer - I'm looking for it myself. But I have some thoughts.

    First problem with these lines for me has always been that it can be read (at least) two different ways. The "and" that you included isn't there, so it's "my love is vengeance / that's never free". So I've always gotten stuck that you can either read it that "my love is vengeance, and that's something that is never free, as in it comes at a cost". Or, you can read it as "my love is... vengeance that's never free, as in it is wrapped up in vengeance that is always pent up, never released, never set free". The phrasing makes the second interpretation harder to hear, yet, I kind of tend to think this may be a closer interpretation in context with the rest of the song. The whole song is about repression, holding everything in, hiding behind a mask of blue eyes and lies. Even the bridge begs the listener (or maybe himself) to stop him before he does anything to betray the hidden anger, or to hurt himself as he tries to keep it buried.

    So... I came here looking for an answer, but as I worked through that, I think I may have found one, at least for myself. Hope someone else finds some value in this.

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    You have to know it through experience first before understanding it logically.

    My love is vengeance-To receive love from me is a torment

    That s never free-That torment always comes for a reason, which you/the subject give me

    Vengeance+never free-It can imply two things:

    a) The reason why it is vengeance and why it s never free is because the objective (the writer) loves those who love him. He sees love as a universal form of torment. So the reason behind giving love/torment is receiving it, from that person or someone else.

    b) The object (the writer) always hated everyone, or that current specific person, before the loved them. So they see it as a vengeful act for the past.

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  • 6 years ago

    Take it in with the rest of the song. No one understands what it is like to be me, and what others see as love is for me vengeance because I can never be free to love.

    This is what the lines mean for me, for it is the same life I live every. single. day.

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