What are your top ten boy and girl names?

I'm not planning to have kids anytime soon since im only 14. :) But I'm taking a survey for best girl and boy names and also I love to come up with names myself. So I love hearing new names! And if you don't want to put 10 then that's ok too, I just want to hear some names! :)

Also tell me what you think of mine:


1.Lila May

2.Noel Elisabeth

3.Emma Leah

4.Lissie Beck

5.Abigail(Abby) Faith

6.Nikki Diane

7.Chloe Beth

8.Maddie Kate

9.Carrie Grace

10.Koukla Hope


1:John Louis

2.Theo Carter

3.Milo Peter

4.Samuel Keith

5.Nathan Michael

6.Luke Tanner

7.Timothy Martin

8.William(Will) Matthew

9.Anthony James

10.Mark Riley

P.S My crush's last name is Sanders so put Sanders at the end of every name and see how they sound! ;)

Thanks for taking the time to reply!!! ♥

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Heyy I like you're names =]


    Trinity Faith

    Carmen Marie

    Erin Danielle

    Skyler Renae

    Jayda Corrine

    Anya Hope

    Liv Taylor

    Mckenna Roxanne

    Corrinne Neveah

    London Olivia


    Josiah William

    Elijah Mitchelle

    Malachi Zacharia

    Jayda Matthew

    Camron Jose

    Trenton O'Neil

    Trey Ryan

    Aiden Alexander

    Julian Devon

    Jaelon Cody

    Source(s): Lol I come with names when I'm bored in class...so you're not alone
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  • 1 decade ago


    1. Kostandina Nicole Sanders

    2. Lola Lake Sanders

    3. Evangelina Grace Sanders

    4. Annalise Taylor Sanders

    5. Ariel Jenine Sanders

    6. Juliet Michelle Sanders

    7. Jennette Marie Sanders

    8. Jordan Alexis Sanders

    9. Alice Olivia Sanders

    10. Sophia Corrine Sanders


    1. Logan Micheal Sanders

    2. Jacob Tyler Sanders

    3. Ryan Alexander Sanders

    4. Mitchell Evan Sanders

    5. Shawn Elijah Sanders

    5. Spencer Gabriel Sanders

    6. Tyler Joseph Sanders

    7. Stephano Nikolas Sanders

    8. Noah Alexander Sanders (<-----my personal favorite)

    9. Isaac Jayden Sanders

    10. Connor Thomas Sanders

    I liked a lot of your names, too. ;)

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  • Me
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    1 decade ago


    10. Thomas Bailey Rae

    9. Aimee Ellen

    8. Mia Juliette

    7. Tara Anne

    6. Oakley Grace

    5. Sophia Kate

    4. Matilda Eve

    3. Millicent Nicole

    2. Willow Emma

    1. Olivia Brooke


    Hmmm...I only have a top 5 for boys

    5. Liam Connor

    4. Elliot Morgan

    3. Brendan David

    2. Caden Daniel

    1. Cameron James

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, I just adore your names!! So cute! I think Sanders sounds cute with most of them!

    ***Not in any particular order***

    1.) Melina Kate ("Lina")

    2.) Noelani Renee ("Noah")

    3.) Taiya Marie

    4.) Charlotte Isabella ("Lottie or Charlie")

    5.) Leah Ashlynn

    6.) Sydney Louise

    7.) Lilliana Noelle ("Lilli or Ana")

    8.) Jessalyn Sophia-Claire ("Jesse")

    9.) Avalie Grace ("Ava")

    10.) Gwendolyn Lucille ("Gwen")

    1.) Lukas Alexander ("Luke")

    2.) Riley Jude ("Riles")

    3.) Dylan Reese

    4.) Benjamin Asher ("Ben")

    5.) Tyler Brody

    6.) William Nathaniel ("Liam")

    7.) Chase Parker

    8.) Elliott Hunter

    9.) Zachery Aiden-Cole ("Zach")

    10.) Anthony Daniel-Ross

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  • 1 decade ago


    Sophia Rose

    Mea Marie

    Arianna Elisabeth

    Grace Marguerite (mar grr eat)

    Lilly Ann

    Brooklyn Grace

    Emma Maye

    Chloe Faith


    Ryan Alexander

    Jackson James

    Ryland James


    Logan george

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    laura ellie SANDERS

    marisa caroline SANDERS

    Bailey rachel SANDERS <------ my favorite

    sarah sophia SANDERS

    Mackenzie May SANDERS

    riley emma SANDERS

    dajah kimberly SANDERS

    sierra alexis SANDERS

    Alexandra jessica SANDERS

    Elizabeth abigail SANDERS


    Alex ryan SANDERS

    joseph taylor SANDERS

    Brandon austin SANDERS

    Hunter micheal SANDERS

    Nick Cameron SANDERS

    Cody josh SANDERS

    Jacob zack SANDERS

    Nathan jack SANDERS

    Chris trever SANDERS

    Travis mason SANDERS <------my favorite


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  • 1 decade ago

    for girls

    1. Kayte Sarah

    2. Courtini May

    3. Cara Lee

    4. Carolina Ann

    5. Katrina Lee

    6. Hope Ann

    7. Anna Marie

    8. Chrissy Lee

    9. Briana May

    10. Faith Ann

    i cant think of any boys names sorry

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    girls (not in particular order)

    Alexis Jordan

    Kaylee Morgan

    Leah Rose

    Avalie Cara

    Ellie Scarlett

    Gracelyn Paige

    Savannah Jane

    Olivia Grace

    Leia Shiloh

    Meghan Leanne


    Caden Joel

    Ryan Blake

    Noah Jasper

    Xavier Jonothan

    Caleb Riley

    Aiden Blair

    Luis Anthony

    thats all i like for boys

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  • 1 decade ago

    Out of yours i love Lila, Emma (my name!!), Abigail, Maddie, Theo and Luke.

    My favs (in no paticular order)





    Madelyn (Maddie)





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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah i dont have ten of each name, only a few lol.

    Girl - Lily, Elliot, Calli, Cory.

    Boy - Cody, Luke (we both have that lol)

    I like Lila May from your list, its nice :]

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