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Can I buy an HDTV without HD through my cable company?

I go to college and I need something for my dorm room. I want a flat screen and our rooms get basic cable. What would be my issues with buying an HDTV and having no HD ordered through the cable company? Does it still work? Bad sound/picture quality?

Just wondering. Any info would help, thanks!

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    you can view regular tv just as well you don't need the HD package if you don't want it

    i had mine for about 3 months before i upgraded to the HD package

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    You can still watch cable TV as before but you won't get the best quality pictures/sounds. Since basic cable operates on SD, having an HD will show you how not-so-good the quality of the picture is.

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    I get over the air broadcast from an antenna and since most stations were required to switch over to digital a lot of them also went to HD. There's only like 2 channels broadcasted in my area that aren't in HD.

    And that's only antenna, not cable!

    Source(s): I also have a 48" 1080p Phillips LCD tv
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    Most TVs are HD compatible now. All receive normal programmes. HD freesat is the best picture (it does not have to be decoded like sky). In the future the service will expand but limited at present.

    No worries for you though your tv should operate with all formats.

    (make sure it has progressive scan for the future though)

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    You can get hd from a antenna for free and it looks better then cable hd.

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    It will still work. TVs still have analog tuners, and can likely tune unencrypted digital cable channels as well, some which may be HD.

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