If immigrants want to live in our country should they adapt to our culture?

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Or should we have to adapt to theirs? Frankly I find the some aspects of culture (such as "Honor Killings") of other countries disgusting. Does that make me a racist?
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it does not make you a racist at all.....these traditions are disgusting

and if someone moves to another country for a better way of life why continue to live as though still living in the third world?

you'd think anyone wanting to move to the west would be glad to leave these barbaric traditions behind.....unless of course they just move to the west for the financial benefits they gain and actually prefer their former culture

perhaps if there were fewer financial incentives to move to britain fewer would bring these disgusting traditions with them.....and we would win all round

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Well said!
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  • The Only Logical Solution answered 5 years ago
    Absolutley! They came here. And we do have to right to judge other cultures, especially when they affect a community negatively i.e. "honor killings." And why should we adapt to Shar'a law-- Ramadan over Labor Day or Christmas?

    Muslims are not a race, but some aspects of Arabic culture are barbaric and dangerous. And you can bet, if i brought a Bible to Saudi Arabia it would be confiscated. And if I drove on the road to Mecca, I would be shot on site. Yes, the "religion of peace."

    Here we welcome openly known terrorists and groups who rent out hotel banquet rooms and openly talk about the take over of America through Islam. And no one does anything.

    This is where Multiculturalism has failed.
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  • rowlfe answered 5 years ago
    In MY opinion, we here in the USA, accommodate too many. I see NO reason why there are ballots printed in over 25 different languages. The only language I see in the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution is ENGLISH. All business of government is done in English. The courts are run in English. All I am saying is, if you want to come here and live, that is perfectly fine with me, (personally, I like the diversity) but it is not up to me to accommodate your language, but rather for you to learn MINE. The same would apply if I, as an American went to a foreign country, they would expect me to learn their language, not the other way around. Last, for anyone coming here, it is their responsibility to live by our law. Your example of honor killings is a good one. No such thing is allowed here, which means here, if you do something which is from a different culture, expect the long arm of the ,aw to crash down on you like a ton of bricks. This recent thing I heard about taking Muslim law, Sharia, into account in Canadian courts, is really bothering me. For me, it is simply WRONG to have a church involved in the justice system.
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  • mizzhollywood28 answered 5 years ago
    Why should we adapt to theirs? We were here first. It's our country!
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  • DEPT. OF HOMELAND SECURITY answered 5 years ago
    of course,
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  • pd_didi answered 5 years ago
    Hell yeah they should! No that doesn't make you racist!
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  • Joefrajtag answered 5 years ago
    Of course they should adapt to our culture, or else everybody eventually will have to use burkas.
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  • luvamerica answered 5 years ago
    Adapt to ours.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    Push 1 for English
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  • ibmmuseum answered 5 years ago
    Explain a basic culture that is exactly the same across the United States. There isn´t one. Effects of our immigration in the past has even almost extinguished the dominant culture that was once in place here.

    My immigrant wife and stepchildren have adapted very well to our culture here in the Southwest, mainly because it is so close to theirs anyway. That includes their native tongue being spoken here part of the time. Nothing is more irritating to me for someone in Iowa or North Dakota that expects my family, and the culture established here for decades to be the same as theirs in another part of the United States.

    Adapt to the fact that we don´t need to adapt where we live. Maybe if we move to somewhere else in the United States we will have to change to fit in, but not here. Stop insulting me (a U.S. citizen from birth, serving this great country for most of the last 24 years) like you have a priority over my life from where you live.


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  • answered 5 years ago
    Im an expat myself.

    and the answer is yes if they want to stay forever there

    But im a German and live in china.
    There is an importend difference because not all foreigners are the same.
    There are the so called Expats.

    People that live in a country but with the clear knowing to leave, BUT as expat we are aware of the culture of the other Country and so far we respect it.

    And there are the Imigrants Theese people want to live forever in the country of choice, in my opinion they HAVE to learn culture and Language to at least a lvl of a juniorhigh student.

    NO country has to tolerate insulting and criminal things some stoneage Countrys Consider culture. "People" like that have to be exiled at once.

    We Western countrys are FAR too nice to many foreigners. But since we are tolerant and Civilised the Criminals can get in but the highly qualified (That will respect us and our culture) have no way of entry because burocracy.
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  • sassy mama answered 5 years ago
    I believe the answer to your question is within yourself. If you migrate to another..Do make an effort to adapt to their culture?

    Case in point, the British Couple that were caught having sex on a beach in DUBAI. Were they trying to adapt to the culture of their host countries?
    What about the Europeans who go to Asian and African Countries who carve out their own clubs, Schools and even churches....are they adapting to their host countries culture?

    It doesn't make you racist to ask this question it is only racist depending on the context of your question. Then again, I don't think you put yourself in a good light but pointing out the negatives in a foreign culture without pointing out the positives as well


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  • Ed answered 5 years ago
    I don't think they should have to give up their culture but i do think they should be able to speak english. Of course they would have to abide by our laws so honor killing and things of that nature are out.
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  • wh answered 5 years ago
    Both the country and immigrants need to adapt to each other. There are good aspects in every culture that would benefit an entire community if they are willing and open to adopt them. Just because something is different does not make it worthless or wrong. There are however bad aspects to every culture and those parts need to be given up. However, people cannot always change, it's the next generation that grows up with the two cultures that has the most success in being able to blend the best aspects of the two cultures and eventually incorporates it into the mainstream culture of the country.

    So, yes you may have reasonable disgust to some aspects to other cultures. Some of it may be your lack of understanding or being open enough to understand the other culture. Some of it may inherently clash with your own culture. What would make you a racist is if you think your culture is completely correct and that the other people are inferior.
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  • George L answered 5 years ago
    Oh sure, they should. but in the end the adaptations are mutual in many respects, which is why Americans now each spaghetti, tacos and fried rice. Even if the original immigrants don't change much, their children almost always do. Ok, we agree that "honor killings" are bad, and we shouldn't have them in the US. sometimes we do though, precisely because the daughters have changed here. And the people who have committed them have been prosecuted. But, I haven't heard anyone suggest that we allow honor killings here in some spirit of multicultural acceptance. Have you?
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