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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Does christianity take any responsibility for discrimination against homosexuality?

What would you say to a gay man that killed a woman by stabbing her with a sword 61 times because she came onto him?

Would you want him acquitted of all charges? (I would certainly want to see him rot in jail for the rest of his life)

Why is it okay if it's a straight man murdering a gay man?

Joseph Beidermann was recently acquitted for the murder of a gay man, for stabbing him 61 times with a sword, by using the "gay panic" defense Here is the link to the story (it's NBC news):

You are the ones who refer to America as a "christian nation" and indeed no other belief system has weilded as much influence as christianity on our culture. So do you make any connection between the virulent hetero-supremacist views (which include "hate the sinner, not the sin") that our handed down as "god's word" from the alter, the teaching of bible passages that are interpreted as god himself ordering his followers to murder homosexuals, and the societal pressures that forced this man to believe he had the right, even the responsibility to murder another man for being gay?

What about the jury? Twelve random Americans and every member had to agree with the verdict that he should be set free with no time in prison. Do you think the church's own dehumanizing of homosexuals had any impact on twelve random Americans who think the leisure time of a straight man is infinitely more valuable than the actual life of a gay man? Did you know that many church leaders have stated publicly that they believe homosexuality is a crime that should be punishable by the death penalty?


Alice: So what you're actually saying is that you didn't read the article, either that or you just took from it what you wanted without reading the rest. If the man had a dagger and the other man was unarmed why did the perp walk away with out a scratch after he stabbed the victim 61 times? why was there no sign of aq struggle. Of course he was going to say he was about to be raped, He didn't want to go to prison for the rest of his life, and he depended on stupid people like... well... people like you my friend.

Update 2:

Alice: You're right. I believe I mentioned the jurors in my own question, and people who believe they are superior to homosexuals made a bad decision, a decision that I believe was influenced to a great degree by christianity's stranglehold over our culture.

Update 3:

Alice: I've only been raped twice, I don't know about you. Of course I don't use my rape experience as an excuse to get pity from people or as a scapegoat for bad behavior for the rest of my life like some people do. To be honest getting thrown out of the house at 15 with no money and having to make it on my own (for being gay) was a lot more difficult than the rape.

Update 4:

Cricket: You have perfectly illustrated the way in which christianity should recognize partial responsibility for this crime. The bible tells you to murder homosexuals, you may not take it to heart but others do. YOU do not represent christianity by yourself

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    I'm really sorry to hear that you've been raped twice as well was what else you've experienced mate

    the article also says his defence did not add up plus many use this 'gay panic' to excuse violence

    many christians don't as they whine they are giving's god's truth and other evil self-serving lies, so many also deny that homophobia is anything to do with them

    christianity is to blame for homophobia

    many do act like they think that people into the same gender don't matter and the church helps the homophobes all too often

    edit: 'gay panic' is a homophobic concept used to excuse homophobes

    the Cricket_ misses her mom - 'homosexual' was coined in 1868 and added to the mistranslated plus misunderstood bible in 1946, bigotry like yours is why homophobia still exists and people get murdered

    so many make excuses for religious homophobia and don't get how and why people are murdered, a lot of murder is incited by religion and hate-preachers

    edit2: please be logical - the term was not about, there is so much proof against the term being in the bible and the usual verses are mistranslated and misunderstood - calling people sinners is equal to saying they are pure undiluted evil-doers, that's why so many get hurt, especially as christianity is still so very influential! I don't know how you treat people in the r/w but your phrasing is no different then Fred Phelps and others, the term 'bigot' applies when people say or write something bigoted, so many christians talk about 'embracing others' when they do anything but in my experience

    Source(s): see my profile for links
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  • this is a court Case.

    most people misunderstand the court system.

    The judge is impartial.

    there is No fair only impartial

    it is up to each party in front of the judge to present a case that supports their position.

    the judge makes sure that no one abuses the Law.

    The jury most of the time is instructed to follow guide lines in the law to make a decision.

    the Fault is the side that was prosecuting did not present sufficient evidence to fit under the instructions given the jury.

    for instance the Height of the perpetrator compared to the victim

    Back ground information on the victim that would show that it is not his nature to be violent.

    if you want to do something about this then write an article for the local paper in that town chastise the prosecution for a sloppy job.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Shoot, some Christians I know would be PROUD of their feelings towards homosexuals.

    On the other hand, one of my cousins discovered that her best friend's oldest daughter had come out of the closet. (This is now about an event from four years ago.) She has been forced to reconsider her views more than once. At least she has replaced the hatred for mere confusion. She no longer condemns lesbians outright. She admits that she doesn't understand certain things and probably never will.

    I worked my way through college as a musician in New Orleans. I met so many gay people on Bourbon St. and Canal St. when my band would play the bars there. And I learned about them because on breaks, you either talked to your audience or you were seen as stuck up snobs who would never be employed there again. Powerful incentive for a strugging musician. Anyway, I learned to look at the whole person, not one little facet of a life. Something that most Christians can't or won't do until it happens to someone they know who ISN'T a scumbag.

    You get a star for an interesting question, my friend.

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  • That is one of the most horrible things I've ever heard. It's almost too bad that there's such a thing as double jeopardy, because that is a serious miscarriage of justice. That's one trial that I'd like to see challenged, and redone. I'd also like to slap those jurors.

    But... despite that, and what you've stated here, how can Christianity as a whole be blamed for it? Every good Christian should know that we aren't to harm or kill anyone; Jesus did say something about only sinless people being able to cast stones, right?

    People who murder homosexuals, and who state that homosexuals ought to be murdered, aren't following Jesus' teachings. And they also ought to remember that while acting on homosexuality is a sin, so is remarrying after divorce (except in the case of infidelity), adultery, fornication, lying, and stealing. Several of those are punishable by death in the Jewish laws. Any Christian who states that homosexuals ought to be put to death should keep that in mind.

    Homosexuals, like anyone else, deserve love and compassion. Instead of condemning them, we should embrace them as people. I think one of the biggest problems with Christianity today is that we've taken the us versus them mindset WAY too far. Jesus must be so disappointed in us.

    Edit: While the term "homosexual" wasn't coined until the 19th century, the concept was definitely in existence, and it is discussed in the Bible, like it or not. If it's bigoted for me to say that, so be it. I think it's wrong to call someone a bigot when you don't know them at all. Ask my homosexual friends if they think I'm a bigot. Ask my gay cousin how I treat him.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nowhere in the article does it state the offender's religion and Christianity never advocates violence against anyone (except that westboro baptist church mob). Just because people refer to America as a Christian Nation doesn't mean that everyone in it is Christian. America is also the country that has made it illegal for kids to pray in school and has championed the separation of church from state cause. So where do you get the idea that Christianity is responsible for this attack?

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  • There are some days when I truly hate this country. With the deepest, pitch-black reaches of what some proclaim to be my soul, I hate the people who commit these crimes, and I hate the people who secretly think that they would do the same. For the people who you mention in your post, I honestly and sincerely wish nothing but a miserable death.

    It seems that religion brings out both the beauty mankind is capable of, as well as just how low it can go. I've seen religion teach faith and acceptance of the future.

    And I've seen religion destroy lives, consume souls, and turn ordinary people into sick monsters like the inhuman creature who perpetrated this act. "People" like this and everyone who proclaims that this judgment was okay should be put down like the animals they are, or at least put somewhere far away from where they can interact with decent human beings.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He was acting in self-defense against a rapist. If I had had a dagger when I was being raped, I would have stabbed and slashed him 61 times, too.

    EDIT: I did read the article. The prosecution's arguments "didn't stand with jurors."

    How many times have you been raped? Do you know what it is like? If Joseph Biedermann were Josephine Biedermann, would we even be having this conversation?

    EDIT: You've been raped, too. Were your rapists men or women? If you had killed in self-defense, would it have been "gay panic" or "straight panic"?

    >>To be honest getting thrown out of the house at 15 with no money and having to make it on my own (for being gay) was a lot more difficult than the rape.<<

    That explains why your sympathies lie where they do.

    Source(s): Rape victim
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think black people have more of a problem usually, or all minorities.

    That does seem a terrible miscarriage of justice. Also why was he drinking wine with him, that seems kind of a date drink. I bet he was gay himself.

    Things done by minorities tend to tarnish the entire community. I know this first hand as my family are gypsies, and I was tarred with the same brush whenever they did something bad.

    I do blame christiantiy to a large extent, but they have also spread lies about gypsies and persecuted black people.

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  • robert
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    The defendant's story doesn't add up IMO. Why would he need to stab this guy dozens of times, then not call the police?

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  • 1 decade ago

    This really makes me sick. Defending yourself is one thing, but what that man did was butchery. He deserves to be locked up, and I won't be surprised if he does something like this again.

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