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急~誰能幫我翻譯文章成英文 謝謝囉

下段中文請幫忙翻成英文 謝謝 不要用翻譯軟體或線上翻譯喔





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    This research aim act for a li Qing government enact industry investment continent control policy since open early days, "Overcomes impetuosity and exercise patience "Period, "Open actively, effective administration "Period, "Administer actively, open in effect ", "2008 years parties replace behind policy open "Wait for phase industry control policy form background, book fix, connotation behind, analysis policy develops cause with process whether have control industry west enter influence.

    Research means Xi pick up economy safety theory research approach, and permeate history / compare organon with document method of analysis proceed research, go into politics by relative document in neaten generalize, inquire into our country investment continent industry control policy effect.

    Research content except inquire into industry investment continent control policy form, connotation and development process outside, and introduce control policy in classify control industry in high-tech industry, service industries, infrastructure industry because crowd forgather effect with market demand under, circuity west enters China develop.

    This research conclusion, cent research discover with build talk two. Research discover : control policy's carry out industry west enter effect not evident to control. This research final with government bring up should actively analyzed to industry, envisage problem with difficulty, and try ameliorate build talk.



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    Goal of this research to define clearly the government to formulate the industry to invest the mainland control policy after the open initial period, “overcomes impetuosity and exercises patience” the time, “the positive opening, the effective management” the time, “to manage, the effective opening, “in 2008 the political party replaces, the policy to be open” positively” and so on stage industry control policies to form the background, schedules, the connotation, the analysis policy evolves reason and process whether control industry west bound influence. This research side legal system picks research of way the economic security theory, and penetrates the historical/comparison methodology and the literature analytic method conducts the research, takes part in government reorganizes the induction after the related literature, discusses our country to invest result of the mainland industry control policy. This research content invests the mainland control policy besides the discussion industry to form, the connotation and the successional variation process, because and introduces in the control policy to list as in the control industry the high tech industry, service industry, the infrastructure industry under the cybotaxis effect and the market demand, development of the circuitous west bound Chinese. Conclusion of this research, is divided the research discovery with to state opinion two parts. The research discovered that ︰ control policy's carrying out to controls the industrial west bound result not to be clear. This research finally to the industry and the government proposed that should examine, face up to the question and the difficult position positively, and tries stating opinion of the improvement.



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