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夢類 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago




材料: 黑糖170公克、沙拉油135公克、香草粉少許、水250c.c、鹽2公克、乳清蛋白35 公克 全麥麵粉270公克、泡打粉14公克、綠茶粉10公克


1. 將黑糖170公克、沙拉油135公克、香草粉少許、鹽2公克、乳清蛋白35 公克 放入盆內以打蛋器調勻,再倒入100c.c水繼續調勻。

2. 將全麥麵粉270公克、泡打粉14公克、綠茶粉10公克放入另一盆一起調勻。

3. 將1/3的(2)和50的水倒入(1) 拌勻。

4. 再將剩餘2/3的(2)和100的水倒入(1) 拌勻。

5. 方型烤盤墊烤盤紙,將拌好的4倒入。

6. 用上火200度,下火230度烤20分鐘,後將溫度調為上火100度, 下火180度再烤8分鐘即可。(若無上下火分調則以上下火同時200度烤)



1. 若要抹茶顏色翠綠,可將黑糖改為砂糖,全麥改為白麵粉。





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    The element wipes the tea cake Needs the tool: The oven, the wire whipper (or coolie hand stirs), roasts the coil paper, the small scale material: Black sugar 170 grams, salad oil 135 grams, cadinene little, water 250c.c, salty 2 grams, lactalbumin 35 gram entire wheat bread flour 270 grams, baking powder 14 grams, green tea powder 10 grams procedures: 1. The black sugar 170 grams, the salad oil 135 grams, the cadinene little, the salty 2 grams, the lactalbumin 35 grams put in the trough to mix well by the wire whipper, pours into the 100c.c water to continue again to mix well. 2. The entire wheat bread flour 270 grams, the baking powder 14 grams, the green tea powder 10 grams put in another trough to mix well together. 3. 1/3 (2) and 50 water pours into (1) mixes evenly. 4. Again surplus 2/3 (2) and 100 water pour into (1) mix evenly. 5. Fang Xing roasts the plate pad to roast the coil paper, will mix well 4 pours into. 6. With gets angry 200 degrees, gets down the fire 230 degrees to roast 20 minutes, latter adjusts the temperature to get angry 100 degrees, gets down the fire 180 degrees to roast 8 minutes again then. (if unsurpassed under fire divides at the same time accent above under fire 200 degrees to roast) roasts may eat. Note: 1. If wipes the tea color to be Paris green, may change the black sugar the hard sugar, the entire wheat changes the white bread flour.

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