T-Mobile G1? I have some questions about it.?

I have some questions:

1. Does it have WI-FI?

2. I have a Sidekick 08, If I buy a G1 outside of T-Mobile and I put my SIM card in it, will it work?

3.How reliable is it when it comes to battery life?

4.Compared to the iPhone how smooth is the touch screen?

5.Does the internet browser deliver the whole webpage like the iPhone?

6.How flexible is it when it comes to ringtones? I mean can I edit my MP3s and set them as ringtones or is it like the Sidekick that you HAVE to buy them?

7.How good is it for music? Is the MP3 player any good?

8.How good is it for Email?

9. Are there free apps for it? Is it as fun as the iPhone when it comes to apps?

Please answer!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yea it has 3g,i have internet everywhere.

    the battery lastes me all day,even when listening to music and online.

    the touch screen is awesme,almost identical.

    it cuts the webpage a little bit,but still looks good.

    yea all my ringtones are my own music.

    its good,but you will have to upgrade the card to hold more.

    i love the apps.i got an etch a sketch,myspace and facebook mobile.chase banking,weather channel,and muchh more.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Yes it does have WiFi on it.

    2. Yes. You just put your sim card in it & you are good to go. You'll need to add the specific G1 plan to your plan though.

    3. Battery life is so so on it.There are ways to improve it. When I first got this phone battery life sucked. I managed to improve it to last longer.

    4. Touch screen is always responsive & smooth

    5. I have never had the iPhone before. Compared to videos I have seen it is about the same.

    6. In the Market, you can download 2 applications.With one you can make your own ringtones. The other app lets you download from a web site. Their all free. You can edit your ringtones too like make the song play in a certain part of the song.There is an app you can download to do that.

    7. Music is excellent. You can port music onto your phone from your computer. You can listen to streaming music on your phone.

    8. Email is perfect. I use mainly yahoo mail on it for business.

    9. TONS TONS of free applications. Yes there are fun applications.

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  • 4 years ago

    i like the telephone! yet i will try too not be bias! The cons: No video recorder The chin each and every so often get's in the way of texting Has the choice to play movies yet you will desire to attend fairly a jointly as for them to absolutely buffer first The demonstrate does not swap to horizontal view once you progression the telephone sideways, you will desire to open the keyboard. execs: uncomplicated to apply. this is the 1st touch telephone i've got had and had no situation. Had soooo many unfastened apps by using marketplace icon The digital camera is quite good for a digital camera telephone, greater desirable than my final The browser is speedy regardless of wireless being on or off Sound is superb! Texts do not basically pop up! I hated that. &i easily won't be able to rigidity sufficient how good the apps are!

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