How do I convince my family that I'm serious about becoming a vegetarian?

I'm fourteen years old and I'm trying to become a vegetarian. I've pretty much stayed away from red meat for a while because of many reasons: I hate the taste, too much saturated fat, animal suffering, ect...

I'm having /a bit/ of trouble with the fish and turkey, but it's going well. For so long I've been trying to convince my parents that I'm serious about this, that I'll stick to it, and that I wont eat the meat they fix for dinner, but my father just gets angry and rants about things such as, "You have a good meal in front of you while many kids are starving."

I realize this, yet I try to tell him that it's my choice and that I have my personal reasons for my choice. I've tried so hard to explain to him that it's about the animal's well being and that I don't want to be a part of animal suffering/cruelty. My father is a devout meat eater, particularly red meat and chicken.

I was wondering if there might be any way I could get him to understand my reasonings. Help me out?

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    First, if your father has a heart at all, let him watch this video, and then ask him what he thinks about it:

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    Secondly, you are making a decision about your own health, which will absolutely effect the longevity of your life. Your Dad probably has no clue about all the hormones they pump into those animals to raise them up as quickly as possible for slaughter and profit! And those hormones are going straight into you, and are believed to be a major cause of cancer (not to mention obesity!) in this country. Just an FYI, my mother eats steak probably every day. And she is overweight. And she has breast cancer. Is there a connection? We can't prove it, sure, but we can absolutely suspect there's a connection. Noone else in my family has/had breast cancer. But then none of them eat as much red meat as ole mom does....

    Tell him these are your concerns. Eating animals which have been treated with too many antibiotics (most grocery store hens and turkeys have had tons of antibiotics) can be your death, and here's how: let's say you get a bad infection, and the antibiotics the doctor gives you don't work. Why? Because your body has become immune to them from getting them in doses in your FOOD.

    If you go check out, PETA, VeganOutreach, they have tons of tips and Q&A types of things so you can have the right answers to all the nay-sayers out there (who as you know CLEARLY have no frickin clue what they're talking about). One of those sites, I forget which one, also offers a "starter vegetarian" packet which includes tips on how to incorporate vegetarianism into your world, what to say to people who insist they're right and you're wrong, etc.

    Good luck! And keep it in your heart that you KNOW you are doing what is best for your body, the animals, and to the earth. Mother Earth loves you, Girl! :)

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    hey there,

    i have a dad that sounds a lot like yours and for me no amount of logic would have worked, because even if he agreed with it, he was still my dad and the boss. it was always a struggle for me and i became vegan so it presented quite the challenge....i basically started testing out my own recipes. this may be something to consider. neither my mother or father was too keen on my early teen decision to go vegetarian and then vegan mostly out of family tradition and structure, but after i started actually cooking from time to time they realized it was not a phase.

    you may even consider, if you have the time, making a dish for all to try...sometimes attacking the issue in a more subtle way can be more welcoming than slamming them with slaughterhouse footage which can put them on the defense. while very convincing and something i'm totally for, i question whether making your dad watch them will make him change his views or just add more fuel to the fire as you are his daughter and he is a staunch meat eater. you may try making something easy and tasty that you think your family will like, but that isn't too strangely a meat can always save that for once you've opened them up more to the whole diet thing. try for some simple family-friendly ideas and good luck to you!

    family can be tough because the values hit so close to home, but i truly believe that if you, perhaps even with some help, can whip something up in the kitchen, than you'll more likely change some minds than by having more ethical discussions. this idea also helps with the whole "you have a good meal in front of you" argument because the meat meal was never made in the first place to be disregarded.

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    You could turn his argument back on him and mention how horribly wasteful meat is. Say, "I'm not comfortable eating this chicken/beef/whatever knowing that the amount of grain it took to produce it could have easily fed our family twice over." Be careful with that one, though, since it's really easy to sound sarcastic with that.

    To show your family that you are serious, put your money where your mouth is. Start using your own money to make investments in vegetarianism. Buy a vegetarian cookbook. Buy your own tofu. Most importantly, let your actions show that you are serious. Do some research online about vegetarian nutrition and recipes. Start to prepare your own meals. Basically, you can't expect other people to take actions to support you in your decision if you aren't willing to do so yourself.

    Good luck to you.

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    ok first off tell him it's your life,not his.

    second,make your own meals,and if you don't know what to make, look up some recipes online,

    also tell him some good reasons for becoming vegetarian,it's healthier,you don't like being part of the reason poor animals are dying,ect. some other answers i read on this have some other good things bout bcoming vegetarian,list some of those :]

    I'm also trying to become vegetarian, :] good choice, don't be a part of killing helpless animals.

    Good Luck with your dad,hope i helped :]


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    Step 1: Discuss vegetarian pros

    Point out the health advantages of vegetarians: lower body mass, cholesterol, blood pressure, and rates of heart disease, type two diabetes and certain cancers.

    (When you bring health as a factor, it really spurs them on)

    Step 2: Argue meat cons

    Argue that antibiotics used for growth in animals can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in humans.

    (This is essential as well :)

    Step 3: Reference environmental data

    Reference environmental data, such as habitat loss, ecosystem damage, soil erosion, and the greenhouse gas production involved in growing animal feed.

    (Dont want to kill helpless animals)

    Step 4: Use humanitarian reasons

    Tell them that much of the arable land worldwide is being used to grow grain to feed animals rather than people. Many people are starving while animals are being force-fed. Cruelty to animals is also implicit in producing meat, dairy, and eggs.

    (get will the program dad, eating meat was so 1930)

    Step 5: Name famous vegetarians

    Give them a who’s who of notable vegetarians, including the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sir Paul McCartney.

    (mahatma lead a non-violence movement, see what veggies can do!)

    Step 6: Ask for their support and input

    Ask your parents for their support and listen to their concerns and suggestions. They’ll be more open to the idea if you get them involved.

    (show them your mature)

    Step 7: Plan sample meals

    Invite them to help you plan sample meals with alternate protein sources. Be willing to compromise.

    Step 8: Offer to cook

    Offer to cook some of the meals. This will take the pressure off Mom or Dad trying to juggle one menu for you and one for the rest of the family. It’ll also show you’re serious about your decision and willing to put in the work.

    (not everyone eats a meal thats fulll of meat, theres always veggies)

    Source(s): This may seem hard to do. But it should work. Once they realize that you are taking this seriously and that you are going to mature about. They should agree. I have it lucky since my parents are the ones that are vegetarians but I've seen this work in other families.
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    I think the best way to show them you're serious is to BE serious. If you make that decision, their opinions won't change anything. You don't actually need them to understand how serious you are, because it's your life, not theirs. And when your father says that about kids starving, tell him how we could feed millions of people if we reduced our meat consumption in America.

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    Go to That will help you not eat meat. But just explain to them why you want to be one and don't eat meat so then they will notice that you really wanna to this

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    tell your dad to fxxk off

    then go throw your meat at a hobo....srsly.

    go veg and after a while they'll realize you're serious

    btw ur dad's a jerkk

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