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Shopper's Drug Mart refund?

I bought the Organic wear powder around 3 days ago. It smells so bad i can't stand it. I used it once only. And i have all the originally package and everything. it looks new and unopened. Do you think Shopper's would accept this refund? or exchange? anyone been thru this situation before? please help me out! thanks!

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    Yes they will.

    I have returned (and exchanged) many used products to Shoppers Drug Mart. They have a 30 day return policy on any used or unused products. Just go up to the makeup counter area, and tell them you'd like to return it. They will make you fill out a little form with things like your name, phone number, and reasons for returning it.

    I have returned used moisturizers, used foundations, and I have NEVER gotten lip from them.

    The same goes for London Drugs, although I think they have a 15 day policy instead. But I have never had problems with either store.

    I have a feeling that return policies are much better here in Canada than in the States, as I constantly see people saying "no, stores don't allow refunds on used products" and I sit there thinking "well wtf kind of company is that, not being good with the customers?"

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    feels like the previous run around. The producer says this is the save's accountability, then the save says this is the manufacturers. you may try the save. Take it up the ladder. attempt to get a close by supervisor too. Do you have the unique upload? Write down names and dates of those which you communicate too.

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