How come my computer doesn't run like new?

My computer isnt SLoOOww but it hasnt been running like that day I bought it.. Its performance index was like 4.5 or something now its 2.4 and I havent even changed anything .... I store music and pix on a seperate drive. And I have minimal games on it.... I just use it for music and pix and one movie.. :-/ now besides the disk defrag and all the system tools is there any way to make it run like new?

Ill give some info on the computer

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC with Vista ( -_-) ( I hate vista)..... but anyway...

it has 137gb of HD space... and about a gig of memory

whats wrong?

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    1 decade ago

    These 2 programs will keep your computer tuned and running at it max everyday. I'm not sure what anti-virus programm you are using...but certian ones will slow down your computer over time.

    Download and run this free program to see if your

    computer is experiencing registry or optimization

    problems. If it corrects your problem then run it

    daily or whenever your system appears to run slow.

    Advanced SystemCare Free

    Select the "Download now" button ..Not the "Download Here" on the banner.

    Now run the "Windows Maintain" and "Diagnose System" part of the program.

    Now for an Anti-virus I suggest this free program..

    I would also like to suggest a free anti-virus program that will protect your computer...Select the "Download Now" button...not the click to download button on the banner.

    and run the program. E-mail me anytime if you have questions.


    Source(s): This comes from years of experience helping customers to have a problem free computer.
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