Who is the better wrestler Edge or Shawn Michaels?+ YWSE Smackdown results?

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WQ: Edge or Shawn Michaels?

Match 1: RNW vs Lionheart Chris Jericho

It's a great back and forth match with both competitors trying to defeat the other. RNW hits the Collision Explosion Connection on Lionheart and wins the match

Match 2: Shayan and Ripper vs Coldness and Psycho Dude

Shayan and Ripper dominate the match early on, but Coldness and Psycho Dude take advantage of Shayan with a double DDT. Shayan in the end finally makes a tag to Ripper who goes on a rampage. Shayan goes to the top rope and jumps on Coldness. Ripper spear Psycho Dude to win the match. Coldness attacks Ripper after the match and had to be escorted by referees out of the ring.

Match 3: Sandy vs Sarah

Matt escorts Sarah to the ring and when the bell rings Darien and Clark comes out to watch Sandy. It was a ferocious match between both knockouts. In the end Jen interferes the match, but Matt tries convincing her to leave. Clark attacks Matt and they start brawling. Referees escort both Clark and Matt out of the ring. Darien distracts Sarah and Sandy hits the Chick Kick. Sandy wins the match

Match 4: Fizz vs Rated R jerichoholic

It was a great back and forth match. RRJ hits the Edgecution and goes to the top rope. Fizz hits Sweet Fizz Music in mid air! Fizz wins! Fizz wins! Fizz wins!

Match 5: Deadman 4 Life vs GSAE

It was all about proving why they are great superstars and it was an impressive match. In the end GSAE kept punching Deadman 4 Life from the top rope, but D4L counters into the Last Ride! D4L wins!

Match 6: Rkolegacy vs Undisputed Jericho

It was a great back and forth match where both superstars gave it their all. In the end rkolegacy goes for the RKO, but UJ reverses it into the Codebreaker! UJ wins the match and he smiles as he leaves the ring.

Match 7: Canadian CombiNATION vs Maxi and Luke

Luke and Maxi make their way to the ring and when Clark and Darien come out, Matt attacks them! DD and Clark double team Matt, but Luke and Maxi help out Matt and a brawl ensues between all the superstars.

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    How the hell did Fizz (aka the Montel Vontavious Porter of YWSE) win when he didn't even promo last night? I'm challenging him to a TTT Match next week and I'm gonna beat the hell out of his non promoing @ss!!! Fizz! It's like Da D3aDmAn told me, It's Hell Trying to get to Heaven!!! And if that means hitting you in the skull with a trash can, slaming you down on some tacks, and putting you through a table, then so be it!

    WQ: HBK

    Source(s): Kickin' Your Teeth Down Your Throat Since 1991.™
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  • 1 decade ago

    Great Show Great Job 13 Times and DD 8/10

    WQ:Shawn Michaels

    Promo:Well look at this....this is just sickening to see, I get screwed out of my match and all of you people are happy about it....Well it is nothing more than a joke on how this show is run by pathetic people anyways....UJ isn't even in my league, I am too great to be facing the likes of him....You see, you winning was nothing more than a fluke and a joke these worthless people out here know it, management knows it, the whole YWSE roster knows it, and most importantly...you know it, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter because I am still one half of the YWSE World Tag Team Champions *Raise Title in Air* also just to warn you next time we meet in this ring, if you're not scared....it wont be the same result...I am too great and I am part of the greatest Tag Team in YWSE history....Rated RKO!!!...You people bow down to Greatness....I am The Living Legacy!!!

    Source(s): You Just Got RKOwned
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  • Great show dude


    I fúcking told all you fúckers.

    I will demolish this fággot.

    And I did.

    I won my first match even being here for a long time now.

    I'm the fúcking shiznit here in YWSE and this victory will fúcking start my fúcking record.

    I might lost a bunch of times but this victory means a fúcking lot to me.

    I want to accomplish more shít than beating this bítch.

    So expect big things from The Hardcore One.


    Just a promo only kayfabe

    I would have to say HBK

    Source(s): .......................Connected And OUT
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  • 1 decade ago

    GREAT SHOW GUYS! 10/10


    Interviewer: RRJ how do you feel that you lost to Fizz?

    Me (RRJ): How do I feel? Are you that much of a dumb@ss!? How do I think I feel? I am pissed! And if you say one more word about my match with Fizz, I will knock your face off! So Shut up! And that goes to all you hypocrites as well! *LOUD BOO's* Shut up! I dont care what you think! Your opinions mean NOTHING! So Shut up because nobody gives a sh*t about what you want to say! Your win, Fizz, was a fluke! I KNOW I am better than you! These people KNOW I am better than you! Everybody in the back KNOWS I am better than you! And even YOU KNOW I am better than you! Fizz you are not even in MY LEAGUE! Tonight was just ONE Bad night for Rated RKO. We have been undeafeated since Survivor Series, So one bad night does NOTHING to stop the momentum in the Rated RKO Era. So even though tonight was a fluke, the Rated RKO Era is still going STRONG!


    WQ: Thats a tough one! I like Edge more but HBK is better.

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  • D4L™
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    WQ: The Showstopper, Shawn Michaels!

    Great SD. 9/10


    The losing streak has broken. I knew I made the right choice when I decided not to associate myself with stables anymore. I have proven tonight that I don't need anyone in my corner, backing me up for me to win. I showed everyone tonight that I am a great competitor and that I am a force to be reckoned with. There will come a time where your YWSE Heavyweight Champion will be me - Deadman 4 Life!

    (Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

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  • 1 decade ago

    wow this is really hard. i would give the slight edge to shawn micheals. shawn micheals is just about as good as you get ringwise. in pure wrestling ability its shawn micheals cause he can brawl, do some highfyling, and a good technical wrestling. in his prime he do some highflying moves and manuvers you wouldnt believe. back in his day he could have a match with a broom and still make it look good. now since he is older he is not as fast or as agile as he once was but he can still put on a good show and still is just as good with less highfyling. edge is pretty close to shawn micheals cause he has trained in the hart dungeon and is prety solid in the ring but shawn micheals in ring skills are untouchable. edge probably would have been better than shawn right now if he hadnt of broken his neck. i think shawn micheals charisma , experience and unparalled skills can outshine edges.like i said edge is not far behind shawn micheals.

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  • Great night. I don't know what i am doing so i do not have a promo but check out my site. YWSE has the highest ratings ever on the rating war http://ywwawrestlingsite.blogspot.com/

    WQ: Both are two of the best, but HBK has been here longer. Both are as good as they will get, but HBK has been through more so HBK is better. But both are two of the best.

    Source(s): YUCW World Champion (First YUCW World Champion in history) YWSE X Division Champion YWA 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions
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  • 1 decade ago

    This is bullshit.I should have won the match I am the best damn thing in YWSE.That damn jobber got lucky I guarantee he will never beat me again cause I will never face him again I don't have time to face jobbers like RNW.I am the best damn thing in YWSE and I deserve better.I should be in the god damn main event and not facing a jobber who has no talent what so ever.Next time you see me I will be in the middle of the ring with my opponent unconscious and the ref holding my hand up high and the announcer saying the winner of this match Lionheart.And you pathetic fans shouldn't be surprised cause it will happen.I am going to be a champion and what ever championship I go after consider the title mine.I am the best damn thing in YWSE BE JEALOUS OF MY GREATNESS.

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  • ?
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Depends if you are talking about Shawn Michaels in his prime, or how he is now.

    If Shawn Michaels was in his prime, he would be better then Edge in my opinion. I think that Shawn Michaels more flexible and could wrestle better then Edge when Shawn Michaels was in his prime.

    If it was Shawn Michaels now, Edge would be a better wrestler. Shawn Michaels is great in the ring, but hes getting a little old, and I think that Edge would be a better wrestler now then Shawn Michaels.

    Great match ups, I liked the description adn how you put how they win, very very nice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Shawn Michaels

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