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The view of Earth from the moon?

How does the moon move in the sky if you are standing on the moon?

Say you're in the Sea of Tranquility where Apollo 11 took the famous shot of Earth on your horizon...

-If you stayed put there for 27 Earth days, from your POV would Earth move up or down or East to West?

Since the moon always faces us with the same side wouldn't the view of Earth remain stationary in the moon's sky with the only change being the cycles and rotation of the Earth?

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    Yes, except for the effects of libration, the Earth will be almost stationary in the sky. All that would change is the phase of the Earth and which continents or oceans are facing the near side.

    Edit: You aren't the only one who was confused by the term "earthrise", but those pictures and videos were taken from capsules orbiting the moon, not ON the moon, so the Earth does rise and set in the reference frame of anything that orbits the moon.

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    The position of the Earth would remain stationary in the sky. ( Very small movements caused by "libration" effects would probably not be very noticable ). The Phase of the Earth would change over the 27 days. Also the features of the Earth surface and cloud patterns would change with the Earths daily rotation.

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    You make a good point. One difference would the position of the sun in relation to the moon and the earth. I don't know about your east-wast thing, though. Keep up the good thinking!

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    I remember back then the tern Earthrise, meaning the Earth coming up over the moon's horizon, so I'm not sure.

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