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What kind of insect bite is this? (PICTURES)?

I woke up today and there was a bump on my arm. It was itching like crazy. It's swollen, warmer than all the other areas of my arm, and it is kind of hard and reddened. I'm a 15 year old female, btw..

Please! Tell me, what kind of bite is this? Is it dangerous? should i see a doctor? this is MY hand just in case:

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    It looks like a bad mosquito bite and you get a bigger bite and gets redder for some reason.My son gets big bites too and he itches them and then they looked swelled like yours.Put some calamine lotion if it itches as that will make it start to heal.Use bug spray for humans when going out as it keeps all biteing bugs aways.

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    It must be a scrape or something. Because I had one like that too before and I put Triple Antibiotic Ointment on it. It's a kind of cream for cuts and scrapes, bruises.

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