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Are there any other counter tenors?

Are there any other artist that are counter tenors that can sing in a controlled falsetto voice?

Example: Nick Pitera

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    Yes. It is a very rare voice type, but there are a decent number of active countertenors out there. They're in high demand for Baroque music, especially Baroque opera. Remember--that stuff was written at the height of the popularity of castrati. (In case you don't know what that is, boys with promising singing talent were sometimes castrated before puberty, so their voices would never deepen.) Although the countertenor voice is certainly not the same as the castrato voice, it's the closest approximation we have nowadays, having abandoned the practice of castration. (Thank goodness!)

    There are also certain other later roles that were written for countertenor (like Prince Orlofsky in Die Fledermaus) that often have to be played by mezzo-sopranos as a "pants role" because of the lack of countertenors! I've been singing for 20 years now and I've only actually encountered 3 countertenors. That's how rare it is.

    Here's Wikipedia's list of well-known 20th- and 21st-century countertenors:

    * Brian Asawa

    * Terry Barber

    * Robin Blaze

    * James Bowman

    * Mark Anthony Carpio

    * Max-Emmanuel Cencic

    * Michael Chance

    * David Daniels

    * Alfred Deller

    * David D'Or

    * Paul Esswood

    * Nigel Perrin

    * Alastair Hume

    * Jeremy Jackman

    * David Hurley

    * Nigel Short

    * Robin Tyson

    * Timothy Wayne-Wright

    * René Jacobs

    * Philippe Jaroussky

    * Axel Köhler, German countertenor

    * Jochen Kowalski

    * Erik Kurmangaliev

    * Gerard Lesne

    * Fernando Lima

    * Angelo Manzotti

    * Bejun Mehta

    * Carlos Mena

    * Yoshikazu Mera

    * Klaus Nomi

    * Chris Nicholas

    * Greg Pritchard

    * Derek Lee Ragin

    * Andreas Scholl

    * Daniel Taylor

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