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Major League Baseball Questions?

we all know that albert pujols is going to win the mvp this year unless something crazy happens...but anyway if you could pick a co-mvp

1.who would you choose?

2.also what are your picks for each divison and wild cards in both leagues?

and last

3.what is your predictions for the world series this season?

here are my answer...

1.Joe Mauer

.363 average/15 HR/51 RBI/53 Runs

2.AL East-New York Yankees[unfortunately]

AL Central-Twins Great Hitting and good pitching

AL West-Los Angeles Angels[close with texas]

AL Wildcard-Boston Red Sox

NL East-Philidalphia Phillies

NL Central-St. Louis Cardinals

NL West-Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wild Card-New York Mets[not good right now but they are dangerous when healthy once they get their starters back they will blow people away]

3.World Series

Yankees vs. Cardinals

3 4

cards in 7 games with the addition of matt holilday and julio lugo i think albert gets just enough help to push the cards to a world series title

now its your turn to answer the ?'s

****just to let you know im not a cards fan so im not favoring them i am a mets fan***

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    New York 90- 72

    Boston 88- 74

    Tampa bay 80- 82

    toronto 74-88

    baltimore 60- 102


    chicago 92-70

    detroit 89-73-

    minisota 81-81

    royals 71-91

    cleveland 70-92


    LA 97- 65

    texas 91-71-wildcard

    seatle 82-80

    oakland 71-91



    phillies 100-62

    mets 90- 72-

    marlins 89-73

    braves 79-83

    nationals 58-104


    St lewis 91-71

    milwakee 90-72-wildcard

    chicago 72- 90

    cincinate 72-90

    houstin 71-91

    pittsburgh 65-97


    dodgers 102-60

    colarado 84-78

    san fransisco 81-81

    Arizona 71-91

    San diego 70-92

    AL playoffs

    LA vs texas- LA in 4

    NY chicago- yankees in 3

    New York VS LA New York in 4


    phillies VS brewers- phillies in 4

    dodgers VS cardinals dodgers in 3

    phillies VS dodgers- phillies in 6


    World series

    **********Yankees VS Phillies **********

    game 1 Yankees 7-5

    game 2 Yankees 5-4

    game 3 Phillies 8-2

    game 4 Phillies 3-1

    game 5 Yankees 4-3

    game 6 Phillies 2-1

    game 7 Phillies 9-8 F/12

    i want best answer tht took a lot of time


    MVP raul ibanez

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    1. Co-MVP in the NL: Prince Fielder (.312 BA, 24 HR, 86 RBI, 1.047 OPS)

    Co-MVP in the AL: Justin Morneau (.314 BA, 24 HR, 79 RBI, .987 OPS)

    2. AL East: Boston Red Sox

    AL Central: Chicago White Sox

    AL West: Los Angeles Angels

    AL Wildcard: New York Yankees

    NL East: Philadelphia Phillies

    NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals

    NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers

    NL Wildcard: Colorado Rockies (Barely beats out the Giants)

    3. World Series: Boston Red Sox vs St. Louis Cardinals

    4 to 3

    The Red Sox when it only because I think their pitching staff is the most solid. The addition of Holliday is huge, I just think the Red Sox offense is good enough and their pitching staff is very good.

    I'm sure I will get thumbs down for saying the Red Sox. Lol

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    1. I would go with A-Rod...think of how poorly the Yankees were doing earlier in the season when he was on the DL. He is the most valuable. Maybe not the best...but definitely valuable. I'm a redsox fan so yeah..im not picking favorites.



    East - Redsox

    West - Rangers

    Central - White sox

    Wild Card - Yankees


    East - Phillies

    West - Dodgers

    Central - Cubs

    Wild Card - Cardinals


    I think that the Dodgers and Redsox will meet in the World Series with the Dodgers winning in 6.

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    1. For the AL co-mvps i would choose hunter and morneau

    2. AL East- BoSox

    Al Central- I think the ChiSox are gunna win it by a close margin over detroit

    AL West- Angels over Texas

    Wildcard- Tampa great young player in longoria and upton. quite a speedy team

    NL East the natinals (lol jk) gunna go out on a limb and say the braves

    NL Central- Houston Stros. they will win the division

    NL West- the dodgers.

    wildcard- the rockies. cmon i never though they would be 500 or more at the all star break.

    World series

    LAD vs LAA

    manny vs vlad the impaler

    dodgers will win in a good 7 game series with kemp as the mvp

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    Ok well each Legaue wins an MVP so Pujols and Mauer could both win it. But I don't expect Mauer to keep up the pace, it is just too hard for a catcher.

    2. Division winners for AL will be Red Sox, White Sox, and Angels.

    NL will be Phillies, Cardinals, and Dodgers.

    AL Wild card - Yankees, NL Wild Card - Brewers

    3. Red Sox and Dodgers World Series, and the Red Sox will win in 6.

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    1) (BTW Mauer and Pujols aren't in the same league so they can't be both competing for the NL MVP). As far as who I'd pick, Pujols is so far ahead of the rest of everyone I can't even pick a "co-MVP"...

    2) AL: Detroit, NYY, Angels. WC Boston. NL: Phillies, Cards, Dodgers. WC Giants

    3) Yankees vs. Dodgers, Yankees in 7. *crosses fingers*

  • yes i agree with you and for does people who say cards wont make it threw 4 games just laugh to make yourself feel better i remind you once u in the playoff anything could happen and is anyones game record is erase adding holliday was the best thing cards did now they have a really big chance to win it all.

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    dude i like your style!

    I think the wild card comes from the NL West though.. Giants probably, their pitching is just too good.

    Cards in 4 please, I don't think I could make it through 7 games.

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