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do you know what services the various federal agencies offer tho the American bussiness community?

macht this :

1)___A corporation applies for a license to operate a new television station.

2)___A businessperson wants to be registered as a securities broker.

3)___A private corporation wants a license to build a power project on the Columbia River.

4)___A shipbuilder needs a government loan to bueld a fleet of oil tankers.

5)___A businessperson wants information on the business standing of a French firm.

6)___A business wants t o market a new medicine for the treatment of heart disease.

7)___A businessperson complains that a competitor's product is being flsely advertised.

8)___A corporation wants the physical properties of a new product tested.

9)___you invented a new can opener and want to make sure no one else steals your idea.

A) Federal Maritime Board

B) Food and Drug Administration

C) Federal Communications Commission

D) Federal Trade Commission

E) Bureau of Foreing Commerce

F) Patent Office

G) National Bureau of Standards

H) Department of Energy

I) Securities and Exchange commission

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    1. C

    2. I

    3. H

    4. A

    5. E

    6. B

    7. D

    8. G

    9. F

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    Was curious for the answer to this as well

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