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Help with a slow Sheltie in Agility?

Hi, I have a Sheltie that is so fast when we train on my backyard my but when we go to the park to train he just go to smell and pee.

In my backyard he is too motivated but in another place its hard to motivate him, and sometimes he has like days when is super motivated but some day he doesn't even listen to me.

What can I do to increase his speed and his motivation.

PS: When I start to train him he was fast, maybe this happens because I wasn't to clear on the instruction sometime I train something and the next day I train another thing... but I start the weave poles all over again clearly in my backyard and he is super fast but in the club he run but no so fast like he did before, and I was super clear on the weave instructions.

Please someone help me!!!

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    This is so ironic I just asked a question about some Sheltie pups that I'm looking at for agility (I'm just getting one).

    I'm the person to ask though as I have 1 Sheltie myself that is great at agility!

    My suggestion is to get a couple of books and DVDs that address the problems that you are having. These are the ones I recommend.

    "In Focus" by Deborah Jones and Judy Keller (book)

    "In Focus" (DVD) "Need for Speed" by Deborah Jones

    "In Focus" (DVD) "Crying for Control" by Deborah Jones

    "The Agility Advantage" by Christine Zink

    "Agility Training for You and Your Dog" by Ali Canova and Jone Canova (book)

    "The Agility Advantage" by Christine Zink (book)

    All of these and many good other DVDs and books are available thru J&J Dog Supplies:

    You can also call 1-800-642-2050 to request a catalog.

    Amazon has dog agility books and DVDs as well:

    ANYWAYS! Besides just recommending (STRONGLY) that you do some reading and watch some DVDs, I can offer you some suggestions that will help you in the meantime!

    1. If you have to use treats at first to motivate him and get his attention when practicing at new places Keep him on a lead maybe at first as well. Make sure that you use an enthusiastic voice and are making it fun. When he starts sniffing, tell him "Leave it" firmly. You might want to even use a clicker!

    2. Speed has a lot to do with distance control especially if you are not super fast yourself. Work hard with a professional instructor on learning distance control (it takes a lot of time).

    3. Practice at different times of the day as you never know when you'll be up at a competition (it could be 8 in the morning or as late as 5 in the evening!). ALL dogs have "off" days and make sure that you try to end your practice session on a positive note with doing an obstacle he's good at. Make it short on those days that he's just not up to it.

    Please check out these sites as well:


    Also, read this. I found it very helpful!

    When you are training for agility there are a few tips that will help you and your dog succeed. We all know that some training is required for obedience as well as socialization, but agility is a specialized training that can take you and your dog further. There are some dogs, small and large, that have more ability for agile work or play. When you offer the obstacles, jobs, and other exercise they tend to be happy dogs because they are getting what their intelligence requires. Often agility training is thought to be for dog shows, police dogs, or even for guard dogs, but the truth is it can be for any dog you want to make happy and have fun.

    The first tip for agility training is that you should work the dog on both sides of the handler. In other words you are going to make sure the dog watches you from both sides and that in one segment you practice with the dog on your left and then switch this can give them the mental capacity to be able to move with more fluidity. For example when you are working with examples you don’t want the dog to understand where the owner is in relation to the obstacle. Instead they need to be shown the owner can be anywhere.

    Often times your dog is going to be very excited during training. This can work against you in some cases. You want to make sure they follow your lead and you need to make sure they stay at the same pace. You want to make sure the dog can handle the obstacles and the course, but don’t let them push you through the work and don’t push them. Some dogs need more time to grasp concepts. Patience will always win out over irritation when you have commands and agility they need to perform and understand.

    Motivating your dog is very important as well. Some dogs need more motivation. There are several ways to provide motivation. You can change out the obstacles and the course for a highly intelligent dog that gets bored, you can provide treats for a job well done, or you can offer toys to get them going.

    Consistency in agility training is needed. Some dogs lack the confidence to perform, but they tend to do so for their owner. The more work you provide and the more you are affectionate and caring when they complete a task right the more they can feel proud and begin to improve. Dogs can be very sensitive and they pick up on disappointment. Always try to help your dog feel the best.

    You also want to watch that you don’t over train. Overtraining when a dog experiences issues with an obstacle can make them avoid the course, get discouraged or provide less enthusiasm.

    I hope this helps you at least a little bit! Never ever get discouraged! GOOD LUCK!

    Source(s): compete in agility with a Sheltie and I'm getting another Sheltie soon.
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    Work on focus. Use a toy motivator and play with the special toy. It is your toy and the dog is allowed to play with it on your terms. If the dog won't give it back. You take the toy and put it away. Later you play with the toy again. Soon the toy will be a link to you and fun.

    Check out the clean run web site for more ideas

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    proceed taking the instructions, you additionally can pick to take a private classification or 2 a week or so earlier the trial. verify you realize each and all of the policies and are attentive to diverse kit the UKC makes use of while in comparison with the different registrires. the earnings of UKC is they are conscious that they have got diverse kit than the others. additionally UKC enable a familiarization with a number of their kit for the "A" instructions in basic terms. take earnings of that. additionally, UKC is far less approximately velocity and extra approximately administration. One final element, would desire to it extremely is conceivable, that your Sheltie is barking at you on objective because of the fact your no longer giving her the suggestions she desires quickly adequate? i've got performed particularly plenty UKC obedience, agility & breed and have been given a UACH on my mixbreed canines some years in the past. the different large element approximately UKC is frequently they're going to furnish 4 trials in a weekend, providing you with the possibility to earn a identify in a weekend. have relaxing.

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    It sounds like he's not used to going to different places.

    I'd start taking him several places and working on basic commands like 'come', 'sit', 'down', 'stay', etc. Get him used to other dogs and people, especially if you want to compete.

    Next, focus on the agility concept. Do the simple things first, and praise/reward for his completion of each task. Work him up faster.

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    Do you ever take the dog for long walks? Dogs need to walk everyday because that is what dogs do.

    You need to fulfill that need so when you go to another park for training he will be ready to work and not go exploring.

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    dont train your dog in a open plce with loads of distractions so thats y he doesant listen cos hes distracted diffrent smells and people also the thing dogs like more than excersize smuggles , love is food :D so try trainin wiv dat in your garden :)

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    maybe u should spend more time with him and u may think u spend enough time but sometimes they do this when they feel like there alone

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    maybe he is fat you have to put him on a light diet

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    idk google it!

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