Racism in the workplace?

I am the only black person who works in my office. I work for one of the best universities in the world. I am sitting here in the office being discriminated against as I write this post. My co-worker who suffers from breast cancer is getting railroaded. They are trying to fire her on the sly because she misses too much work while taking chemo.I am no saying this to mean Im racist of any kind. I am 25 years old and I have just started experiencing what this is. To have people think you are no less that what they see on TV, to think you are less that what they are. Has anyone out there been done like this or feel this is an issue for them?

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    One should only wonder how anyone manages not to observe this phenomenon till the age of 25. A conscious person, that is, a person of color in this society would be naive not to observe and feel what is so evident, which is to say that if he or she is a "minority," there comes a definite perception and responsibility required bearing, unlike those who are of the dominant culture in which living and doing is a gratuity and in which everything that is or has been done has been theirs -- that is, wherein their existence can be taken for granted as the norm; and any perception outside their range is thought spurious or without basis.

    Bear in mind that only one primary way of living and doing has dominated North and South American society for 500 years, such that whatever one learns and lives by today has been a style of living and perception of one dominant cultural mindset -- this is often called "Life" and the "way" of life. No matter who we are in terms of our races -- and regardless of our ethnicities on the two continents -- we nonetheless think, assume, and do in accordance with the "WASP" sensibilities (an offensive acronym, a perjorative actually), which means -- White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant. Now, this is the dominant mindset and compass of North America in particular.

    Amid any minority group of living beings -- any, sentient or not -- there is observed or what one should certainly study the patterns and observe, is that a minority is a target of prejudice. Ever notice that nature culls any difference from any a dominant pattern? For example, if an animal amid the herd of its species or amid a flock of birds has an evident inborn malformity at birth, that animal tends to experience a difficult, plagued and in effect much shorter life. There is a reflexive culling phenomenon that takes hold almost at once. Often the malformed animal is spurned from the overall group. In a pride of Lions, this occurs because the lionnesses instinctively keep weakness out of the pride of lions to ensure that family's survival.

    There is a story of how sailors of old out to sea would sometimes catch a bird and paint the bird's plummage red, then release it among the flock. The other birds would at once attack it: the bird had now become a minority, or in this instance bore a weakness or seen as alien that can weaken or threaten the overall flock. The other birds' intents therewith were to destroy any weakness. To be a minority has to do with not only numbers as a sole measure that determines dominance but as well concerns power, intent. And much falls to the temperance and nature of the species itself. For example, witness a lawn and observe the distinction in the behaviors of weeds from that of grasses. The weeds win. The weeds' very natures are more aggressive. Astrophysicists observe that stars are this way as well wherein out there in space all manner of "mergers and acquisitions" are underway in which the mightier stars acquire the weaker stars. Human beings, whether they know this or not, are no less the same way: any perceived weakness or "difference" is overlooked or wiped out or marginalized. Such happens to minorities in workplaces, such as with you as a black person, and to your co-worker who now undergoes chemotherapy. This is the culling phenomenon I speak to you about. See? There is just that something in Nature that abides antagonism.

    But not all is conditioned on Nature. And that 500-year-old legacy is losing ground now. Much, much more comes to bear in life. As to your circumstance, things take time to correct -- and 'are' correcting and is inevitable to occur and is doing so even as we speak.

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    Racism is still alive and well in the United States and in Canada. In Canada, it is actually worse. You will see very few Black people working a very high paying job. You will see most of them at Walmart or working as a custodian at a school. At least in your country, there are Black principals, teachers, lawyers, mayors, governors,etc.

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    I in no way had to artwork in an atmosphere like that....if i replaced into in that difficulty i might artwork my /ss off to enable them to comprehend i replaced into an asset to the business enterprise, and whilst they knew that then i might call for a develop and /or the subsequent place up the ladder as quickly because it unfolded......in the event that they does no longer then i might put in my 2 weeks' observe -- it is only me tho, because of the fact if i'm gonna be at artwork anyhow i like having issues to do....the extra busy i'm the extra performed i think As for my coworkers, if i replaced into in an altercation with them and that i replaced into dealt with unfairly by making use of the administration because of the fact they have been too puss to handle them because of the fact they have been yet another race, then that should bring about me packing my schit and leaving instant.....and interior the occupation field i pass into (medical field) i might have 0 issues getting yet another job

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    It's not how they feel about you, its how you feel about yourself. You can only do the best job you can do and let your work ethic define you. You don't have to take them home with you so don't stress out.

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    simply Put its not Your fault ur black,tell the haters to hate the creator not you .And all these christians so religious ,the are nothing but immoral sinners

    simply put u hate the creation that means u hate the creator

    and i dont do that i dont hate anyone

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    Been there still here, I just smash them. Stick up for yourself.

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