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Can gravity really distort empty space?

for example a gravitational wave from a really dense black hole hit earth. Would it kill us? Does it really create a rip in literal space? If it does what is outside space time that gravity goes into?


Also is gravity the only force that can rip space/time?

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    Space-time is an elastic membrane,mass grabs space-time telling it how to curve and space-time grabs mass telling it how to move!

    This is the assumption of gravity according to the general relativity,now in case of black holes having infinite gravity even capable of bending light and not radiating it back,it literally is ripping and creating holes in the fabric of space-time,not only distorting it and due to this there is a certain imbalance as a result of which anything approaching black holes are engulfed by the extreme force.

    What you are asking is beyond the exact explanation of 21st century physics but they have certainly theorized it in the forms of parallel universes.Black holes demand parallel universe as the hole created and anything passing through it need to end up somewhere,logically speaking,and therefore assumed that black holes could shorten the journey in space but anything passing through it will be in the form of energy traveling faster than the speed of light.Black holes would like be connecting one part of a ripped space to another and may be in different dimensions.

    The extreme gravitational wave of a black hole and it's influence if felt by earth would result into either the black hole engulfing the earth or throwing the earth away from it's orbit and from sun's gravity,setting it away from the solar system,then destruction would be inevitable but impossible if thought practically!

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    A gravity wave would be exactly that; a wave of gravity. Suddenly everything on Earth would be pulled and then pushed, like we were all boats with an invisible wave passing underneath. This disturbance would go straight through Earth and out the other side.

    A big one would feel like a small earthquake.

    No one has actually seen a gravitational wave. Most probable sources are rather far away and our detectors aren't that sensitive. To find them most experiments use a really long tunnel with a laser shining down it. If the beam twists in midfight we know a gravity wave has passed.

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    Gravity on it's own can not exist in nature without mass behind it....and this mass has a connection to the vacuum field Mass can not exist without a connection to the vacuum field.

    mass of an object distorts space-time and gravity is the result. Gravity is the result of an extension from the vacuum field, through the existence of matter/mass.

    gravity is not necessarily the only force which can rip space and time, as a singularity can do inside a black hole due to mass in a confined space. But it is the easiest to see or visualize.

    collapse or ripping of space-time in which a 'doorway' occurs to physics which are outside of local physics, can occur through extreme which time collapses and so does 3D space. Infinite vibration seemingly does not occur in this universe....otherwise matter may not exist...the universe therefore must have and does have universal limits in place....and these are sacred laws btw.

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    Gravity doesn't distorts the empty space but gravity is caused by disortion in space-time. The distortion is created by mass. And one of the effects of distortion is gravity.

    Your concept of gravitation wave from a dense black hole is all wrong. First of all, gravity does not depent on density of black hole but just it's mass and distance from it. So if sun becomes a black-hole, the force of gravity experienced by earth would remain same and it would continue in the same orbit. Black holes have high gravity VERY CLOSE to them.

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    Space isn't empty.

    Space is filled with something called Dark Matter. It is everywhere. Space is a fabric and like a fabric of cloth stretched tight and placing a bowling ball on it, it will warp. Anything getting near the bowling ball will experience gravity because it is warping the cloth fabric. The heavier the object, the greater the warp. Black holes are objects so heavy it almost rips the fabric of space...perhaps it even does.

    Aliens have figured out how to navigate through traversable wormholes which break through the fabric of space and can travel hundreds of light years in literally minutes. Whether the Aliens create the wormholes with their spacecraft power source is not known, at least by the public.

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    Gravity doesn't distort space, Gravity *is* distorted space.


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