What underlies the common question, "What is the meaning of life?"?

What is it people are seeking with this fundamental question? Is it possible that life in this world has no intrinsic meaning and we are disingenuously applying meaning where none can possibly exist because we have become separated from our divine Selves? Is this question a diversion from Reality, where our only true existence lies, as we look for "outer" worldly signposts and values and merit in an attempt to fill the emptiness of this lesser reality that is split off from our true essence?

In other words, are we spinning our wheels as we attempt to find fulfillment and meaning here where there is no constancy, no consistency, nothing of permanence, nothing that is real? Within a dream how can Truth be attained or actualized? In human form would it ever be possible to live fully realized lives, or, as Jesus came to show us, must we transcend (die to) the limited body form and all the inconsistencies of this duality world to enter fully into our spirit bodies, our true bodies of cosmic light, where we no longer experience the illusion of separation from our Creator?

Are we looking for Love (happiness, fulfillment, success, even "wholeness," etc.) in all the wrong places...looking outward to find the elusive "meaning of life," when life itself is merely the vehicle for shedding the veils of obstruction and darkness to reveal the Light that we already are?

As ego beings do we falsely empower ourselves, thinking that we innately have an ultimate importance in this world of limitation and change, when in truth our only function here (through recognition and remembrance) is to transcend this very limitation? Are we not here to become fully that which we already are, but have fallen asleep to? And, if so, then is it not a soporific and delaying tactic to assign meaning to this life, this world of illusion...even impossible?

Is it not so that until we attain oneness consciousness and awaken from our dream of separation, this world we inhabit is a self-made, lesser reality that can hold no meaning...other than as a way-station for awakening to our divine essence as Sons of God/Source/All That Is? Is this not the only Truth to which we must awaken and wherein lies the only meaning possible...that we are one in the One, inseparable and eternal, and that we have never left the Kingdom of Heaven, but have only fallen into a deep sleep, dreaming a world of our own making? Would not assigning meaning to such a world be itself part of the dream?


Thanks, crewsaid...i have one of Wei Wu Wei's books (Why Lazarus Laughed). i understand that he sat at Ramana Maharshi's feet, so i give him great credibility. i have ordered the book you recommend, as well as two others of his. Namaste

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    What underlies this question is the mistake that the ego is us. When seen from the egoless place this question disappears as does any need to answer. We can look at all sorts or concepts and clever inferences but all they do is stroke the ego. Can we let go? It is not necessary - everything is exactly as it is - perfectly placed to bring us to see that the ego isn't real and when this is seen what then remains?

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    Do you really want to go there. Yopu do know the phrasing common era was likely coined by christrians. In any case, it's not christ era it's christian era. It's no secret that christians have dominated the planet militarily for the last 2000 years. even when the "BC" designation was popular it simply confirmed what everyone already knew, the romans decided to make their calendars coincide with their new found religion. I'm sure if muslims take over they will chaznge the calendars to suit their beliefs and that will make it no more or less valid.

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    Most on some level feel we have forgotten something although most may not be able to vocalize it in this way. We talk of Remembering our first estate. Some have in their scriptures stories of a time when man walked with God, experienced oneness, & then experienced separation from that which is our Source. Their stories & POV vary from culture to culture, the way to Remembering vary from culture to culture but basically they are all the same.

    It is that dull, dim, often unconscious realization of something missing or lost that we seek. Man projects by nature, it is what perception is based upon. The question is no different & most begin by looking outside to fill a perceive space within that is only dimly remembered was once filled. Who, what, where, when, & how we are, all the basic questions that will be answered by all & eventually lead us back to Remembrance. May we all come to Remembrance!

    Many Blessings!

  • Adonai
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    I feel your last paragraph, in a sense, answers your own question. With the twist that all experiences are timeless "in the moment" only to be slowly experienced over "time" ( the true illusion) in order to teach the lessons of cause and effect.

    As thought creats we see a man pick up a paint brush and creat Art. His mind started the task and his hands finshed it all in a linear fashion he understood. He made it all happen.

    This lesson is profound as it is the very conerstone of all creation.

    "He made it all happen". The key is he created something from nothing. Simplistic yet truth lies there dormant until activated into "Reality". The painting was not, yet now it is. What power creation.

    Physical life is learning to creat; "ye are Gods in the making" meant just that. We learn to creat in this realm in order to train the mind and put it in contact with "Creation" and to eventualy separate self from Ego, the liar whom teaches one they are physical and bound for death.

    Thoughts creat. We see this is 100% evident in this realm of existence. As dreams are thoughts in sleep one may see how a dream holds a certain reality for the dreamer. This is the sleep separation of your consciousness from the body that is unconscious in sleep; a clue that consciousness caan and does separate from a body when it is o longer needed there. If one challenges the near death experience and the passing into a higher realm as false, then one must also argue the same for dreams, yet we all dream and not many would dare to claim "dreams are the devils work"...:)

    Many take life too seriously. Play, enjoy. Can you Imagine if ego ws cast aside but for a day ?

    Separation from Truth is separation from the concept we call "God". The more one learns of self the closer one views "God". Ego is the primary separator, lying consistently, demanding attention and whining when it does not get it.

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    Certainly have put some effort into this.

    If I understand it, I think I agree with you. Somehow we must maintain this idea of oneness. Even if we deny it intellectually, we must hold it dear to our hearts. We know that without a Creator, we must have no purpose, yet even the atheists will give a reason for existing. A meaning implies a larger plan or design of which we are part. All atheists will say that their lives have meaning yet will also say there is no plan or design to be a part of.

    Take this Krave person who comes right after my answer. He says "Why cant people just learn to be grateful for the fact that we actually live, instead of instantly questioning it.

    Gratefulness implies someone to be grateful to. If there is no plan or design and we're all just a throw of the dice, would we say that we're grateful to the dice? Or to the laws of physics that control the dice? No, his very words imply a Creator.

    He also said: "If someone was to create you, and tell you, i created you, you wouldn't ask why, you would live your life."

    That is so patently false. Of course we would ask why. More than that, here is the person to whom we ought to be grateful. What is the creation in comparison with the creator? We ought to at least seek Him out to thank Him. Yet he's saying just forget the Creator.

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    I would strongly recommend wei wu wei's 'All Else is bondage' if you have not already read it. It is a small booklet that perhaps contains the answer to this enigmatic question as to what is the purpose and meaning of life. If you can fully comprehend the book, may be you would be in a much better position to know the answer to this question.

    Source(s): 'All Else is Bondage' by wei wu wei, the book is easily available in India.
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    Life is it's own answer. It need not humble man to greatness or shame him into insignificance. Life seeks only to express in all imaginable form. Life is in love with it's own expression.

    What you say is true. There is no ultimate meaning and no assigning of meaning outside of life itself. Mankind, in his delusion, assigns meaning, and this allows for the movement that is experience, and is therefore perfect. To say the meaning of life is to transcend life, is also the assigning of meaning.

    What is crystal clear here is that life moves at it's own pace, and Awakening happens in it's own time. God will not leave the theater until the curtains are drawn and the lights are raised. He will not want to miss the final act. Just beneath the notions of where we would rather be, we can see the perfection and beauty of where we are.

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    Our ego develops in the search for ever greater and increasingly more complex pleasures of this world, because with each attainment that we achieve in this world as soon as we begin to taste the pleasure of attainment, the desire for it already begins to fade and we feel another empty space in us which is bigger than ever. A person eventually comes to a point where they realize that they have been spinning their wheels in a direction where there is nothing that can fill them in a sustainable way and yet there is a painful sensation that something is missing. The question about the meaning of life and its purpose begins to become acute and important to such a person.

    What is missing is the perception of the reality of our true 'I', the unified created being in complete harmony with the Creator, and filled from end to end with Light. A person realizes that true happiness is not sustainable from the small point of ego and begins to search for the answer to this emptiness which demands to be filled while at the same time reality is calling and demanding to be realized. And it is a good question to ask also; for what purpose are we in this non reality of sleep and dream, of disconnection from each other and from reality?

    The meaning and purpose of our life lies in reality beyond this world, but this is the place where we work to positively reconnect ourselves in mutual giving and love of others. This way we discover the knowledge and greatness of the Creator or the force of giving by our own will and desire. We have to discover for our self, through our own experience, the difference between true and false over and above the influence of bitter and sweet relative to the ego, til we know it, and own it within our sensations, and thus become an equal partner of the creator in unison with Him.




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    Averell A has a great answer. Your question contains part of the answer as well.

    I believe the real truth to the question can only be answered by each individual. It is subjective. Some will come up with a meaning of life that will comfort them.

    Life is a hard & often unfair place. Whatever helps you get through it.

  • Apollo
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    All that you say may be true, but we were born to search for the truth, our true essence, maybe religion is the truth yet something must be missing as we still search. maybe someday we will find through Quantum Physics that we come back to the same creator, but if we are all made in the image of our God 'creator', then this must be our goal to leave no doubt as we are looking at the same thing our oneness with the universe, maybe this is the whole meaning of humanity, to discover the undeniable truth the answer to everything.

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