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Access 2007 Limited access to feautes and appearance?

I was wondering does anybody know how to protect an Access 2007 file so that the user can still use the database but cannot change any of the features and appearance ?

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    Access 2007 Limited access to features and appearance.

    The simple solution will be convert the 'accdb' file to a 'accde' which is a an executable file version and strips out design functionality to the front-end.

    You can find this under 'Database Tools' tab on the Ribbon Bar called 'Make ACCDE'. You might want ot read up on this first (search the net!) and understand your options but is easy to apply.

    Alternatively, you may want to use Access security which is not available in Access 2007 but a previous version and can convert Access to version 2003 to take advantage it this feature.

    Again, read up on this subject 'Access Security' first to know your options.

    Hope this helped.

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